Thursday, March 22, 2012

March Madness!

It's not just for college basketball anymore...things are crazy for the Opposite Family this month!  But I needed to check in briefly.

My last mini-tri in February went well - it was a gorgeous day! Here are the results:

Pre-Season Burn Series #2

Race Standings (200 yard swim, 10K stationary spin, 1.5 mile run)

: 18/23
: 13/17
: 5/8
Swim 00:05:22 (6:56 in January)
+ Transitions 00:20:45 (21:52 in January)
Total time: 00:44:57.176 (47:54 in January; 43:47 in 2011 at the same event)
So, much better overall, and only 1:10 slower than last year's.  Of course, my fitness mojo was going strong in February.  I haven't been training at all this month, so this next race might be a huge flop, but oh well.

What was cool: I was pace-girl for the gal I noticed at the race last month.  Boy, did that feel weird!  I'm usually following other people.  We got to chatting during the run.  It turns out I was right:  she was trying triathlon and getting back her fitness mojo.  She's training for Wildflower in May, and she is going to rock it!

In other season has started, science fair projects are done, and work is going crazy.  And I need to get some sleep, so signing off for now...will write again after Pre-season Burn Series #3 this weekend!

Makin' cookies...for Science!
(Handy tip:  a spare yard stick cut in half makes for even thickness on your sugar cookies)