Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Weekly Update, 7/28/10

I am...

Learning Stuff from my Family!  If you missed yesterday's post, I interviewed my family in a guest post for Foodie McBody over on her blog, FoodFoodBodyBody.  My family is tremendously supportive, and it was fun to pick their brains about what they think people should do to be healthy and happy.  (Of course, the Things were thinking in terms of what OTHER people should do....)

Playing!  It was a hard week, in some ways.  Swimming, usually the balm of my soul, was an emotional suckage this week; Pilates and Cardio Sculpt felt really hard, and I chaffed a big gouge into my shoulder during my 13 minute treadmill run in the wrong bra.  Ouch.  But I'm satisfied that I at least touched on all areas, and I even did a little yoga!

Sustaining!  I'm still food blogging, and that's been valuable.   forgot to weigh this morning.  As of yesterday, though, I was down 1.4.  As long as it stays within a couple of pounds of where I am right now, I feel very neutral about what the scale says.  Interestingly enough, Debby summed this up beautifully in her "TVP, Part Deux" post, in support of her not weighing:
I am making good choices, and I don’t want to eat less.  I only want to stop eating when  I am already full and of course, I want to stop eating when I am anxious/bored/irritated/whatever.
I think as long as I'm honest about my choices being good and my motives--in other words, satisfy my physical hunger in a way that pleases my senses and best fuels my body--then the scale will continue to be a useful tool for me.  As a tool, it helps keep me honest about whether I'm truly making the best choices with my food and fitness; it won't change good behavior, but it can help me course-correct.

Getting Excited about the Lompoc Sprint Triathlon!  I printed out the registration form and the course maps, and I got this little rush of excitement.  I'm looking forward to this event.  I haven't been training for it particularly well, but you know?  I realized that I'm okay with that, even if it's not in alignment with my crazy-ass dream.  I know I can finish it, although it will still be challenging.  The swim is a pool swim in their aquatic center, and the pool is the same width as the pool I train at now, so I'm comfortable about weird swim start like the Treeathlon, no wetsuit, although I may have to share lanes, which I feel comfortable about doing.  The bike is an out-and-back course, completely flat.  The only thing that could throw me there is the infamous Lompoc wind, although it would be at my back on the way back, if it's even blowing in the morning.  And the run is also flat.  Registration was duly mailed yesterday afternoon.

Reading!  I finished Chapter 3 of Savor this morning.  Good stuff, and it makes sense with my own experience in some ways.  I'd read the advice in a book about simplifying your life to stop subscribing to magazines, because they are primarily a tool for advertising and can increase your feelings of dissatisfaction with life.  I'm down to Country and my mom gets me Guideposts, both of which have minimal advertising.  (Well, Guideposts has an awful lot of pharma ads, but I ignore those.)  So when I recently purchased Shape magazine to read their interview with Lori of "Finding Radiance", I was struck by all the ads, and articles masquerading as ads for stuff.  I much preferred the stories about real people and their experiences with gaining health and fitness, which to their credit, they did have several.

Maintaining Blood Glucose Levels!  Overall 7-day average is 109, fasting 7-day average is 109.  My only out-of-range reading was a 124 before breakfast on Sunday, and I'm guessing it was the party food on Saturday.  (Boo hiss, because it was 101 at bedtime!)

Trying New Recipes!  Well, one was new (yummy "Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake" from and one was a new twist on a favorite (another recipe, "Roasted Crunchy Garbanzo Beans," but with different spices).  The first was a glowing success, the latter...okay.  I liked the batch I made before better, the spice combo I tried didn't work as well as I'd hoped.

I want to...

Keep on photo blogging the eats.  It's still fun!

Keep meeting goals.  I want to stay consistent with my goals, especially fitness ones: Get out and play 30 minutes x 5 days; play with weights 2x per week; do at least 1 swim, bike, and run per week.  Revel in the last month of being able to feast on fitness, because the school year makes everything much more complicated.

Speaking of goals...I read an article over on Zen Habits the other day, "The Best Goal is No Goal" .  It provoked a very strong "Yeah, try applying that one at school and work, pal!" reaction in me...and then I had to pause and wonder where such a visceral reaction came from.  I couldn't help but think of the compulsory nature of school and work, of how stressful and hard it is to keep the kids on track with their homework, with how it's even a struggle for me to keep on track with everything at home and work that needs doing.  Somehow, I doubt that my kids' vision of "you wake up and do what you're passionate about" would include going to school and doing their homework.  This summer, it's looking more like playing with toys, riding bikes and scooters with friends, and playing stuff on their computers (and watching videos of other kids playing stuff on their computers via YouTube...oh the recursive horror!).

What do you all think? 

On the other hand, I think it's valuable to not become too attached to specific goals.  Because, as the author says, "I end up in places that are wonderful, surprising, great. I just didn’t know I would get there when I started."  Also, too much attachment to a goal can sometimes make me dissatisfied with the journey; things eating me can cause me to eat too many things.  I mean, I need to do fitness things to stay healthy, but the more I can find joy and fun in them, it means I'll be more likely to stick with them.  Angst is not fun.

Keep those blood glucose levels happy. (average <120 overall and <110 fasting).

Keep on reading.  I'd like to finish "Savor" before the library demands it back again.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guest Post over on FoodFoodBodyBody

Guess who's got a guest post today over on Foodie McBody's blog, "FoodFoodBodyBody"?


No, not exactly.  But you're close:  my extremely supportive Opposite Family shares their secrets for healthy and happy living!

Unfortunately, I didn't ask Foodie what the best format for a post appearing on Wordpress would be, and the post isn't formatting very gracefully.  (*sigh*...what happens when I ASSuME...)  For easier reading, right-click the post and select (depending on your web browser) "View page source" or "View source."  In the source view, scroll down to about 105 or so, the actual line number varies, depending on your web browser's page source viewer.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekly Update, 7/21/10

I am...
  • Photo blogging my eats!  I think the few of you who are interested have already wandered over to take a look at "Pubsgal Eats".  For those who haven't, it's mostly photo food log, with a pinch of food review, a dash of recipes, a sprinkling of suggestions and discoveries (who would have thought Laughing Cow Lite Garlic would be so tasty mashed up on steak?), topped off with a quirky caption or two.

    It's made me more aware of a few things:  I tend to dive into my food and start chowing down without really *looking* at it first.  I'm more self-conscious about what I eat around others, whether that's "in person" others or "virtual" others.  Taking pictures also helps with "food amnesia."  I took a photo of a piece of corn, to remind myself of the 3 bites I'd eaten.  I totally forgot about it when I went to blog about it, and there was the photo to remind me.

    I've also found that photographing my food in front of my family, and their curiosity about it, has opened to door for me to talk about why I'm doing it.  That didn't happen with my paper journal or the tracker on my phone.  This morning, Thing 2 asked me if I'd taken a picture of my breakfast yet.  "Not yet.  I'm still making it."  She went and brought me my camera.  "I just wanted to remind you to do it," she said.

    An unexpected plus:  photo journaling and writing about my food is fun for me, probably because it gives me yet another way to really savor my food.  I still enjoy eating, even though a lot of what I eat these days looks like either the dog's dinner or the rabbit's.  I really thought I wanted to be a solely "food is fuel" person--because heaven knows having a dispassionate attitude about food would be a lot easier--but I think "food is fun" will always be part of it, too.  Discovering what parts make it "fun" for me and best adapting those to my "fuel" needs itself is kind of fun.  For example, what spices can I discover to make veggies more exciting?  What new, healthy recipes can I try?  What new foods can I find that are healthy and tasty? How can I add humor to my food photo blog?  That sort of thing.
  • Playing!  I'm getting enough activity to meet my goals (mostly), but still feeling like I'm not training hard for the triathlon in August. (OMG!  It's only 3.5 weeks away!!!  I'll be able to finish it, but I can't say that I'm really taking it as a serious step in moving up to Oly distance next year.  I have mixed feelings about that.)  The fun part is that Thing 2 is now riding on 2 wheels instead of 4, and we went for a couple rides around the neighborhood last week.  I loved this!  And even though it's not intense, riding around the block a few times can rack up the mileage. (Loving my bike computer for telling me this!)
  • Maintaining blood glucose levels fairly well.  Weekly overall average: 110 and Weekly fasting average: 102.  I had a sharp uptick one evening after eating a slice of potato bread (after 2 "low carb" flour tortillas that had a net fiber of 14) to 150 post-meal, which only went down to 120 before bed.  Mild exercise (16 minutes on a stationary bike) squashed it back down to 92 before I went to bed.

  • Yawning at the scale.  Up .2 this week.  Meh.

  • Reading...slowly.  If I spent as much time actually reading "Savor" as I do checking for new blog posts to read, I'd be halfway through it already!  There's some good stuff in there!  I sure wish my library had it on CD, because I find it a lot easier to listen to books like this than make the time to read them.

  • Going to do the Las Vegas Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon FOR SURE!  Just registered and got my plane tickets last night!  (Thanks to Mr. Handsome-and-Handy for booking the flight and supporting me in yet another crazy scheme!)  Gotta admit, my personal preference would have been for the "MizBooRun" to be somewhere like Hawaii, but somehow I don't think MizFit and RenMan would have gone for a Don Ho impersonator renewing their vows.

  • Knitting! I'm working on hat #3 of my "pay it forward" goal.  Still need pom-poms on hat #2, but I finally put the finishing touches on hat #1.  I'm not too crazy about the pattern for hats 1 & 2 (and making pom-poms is pretty tedious stuff), so I've adapted a pattern I like better, but I'm knitting it in the round.  We'll see how that turns out.  (Jill, now you see why knitting is nearly as perilous for me to be doing as canning pickles would for the rest of you, get on over if you haven't already and check out Jill's Unfolded Laundry!)
I want to...

  • Keep on photo blogging the eats.  But not getting overly wrapped up in this.  It's a fine line now, with all the technical logistics of getting the photos up there.  And if you have suggestions for what you'd like to see over on Pubsgal Eats, let me know!

  • Keep meeting goals.  I want to stay consistent with my goals, especially fitness ones: Get out and play 30 minutes x 5 days; play with weights 2x per week; do at least 1 swim, bike, and run per week.  Making the swim a priority this week.  Revel in the last month of being able to feast on fitness, because the school year makes everything much more complicated.

  • Keep those blood glucose levels happy (average <120 overall and <110 fasting).

  • Read more consistently.  I'd like to finish "Savor" before the library demands it back again.

  • Try a new recipe.  It's been too long since I did this.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wee Little Hat

The pompoms sort of show why I don't cut my kids' hair, though. Who'd
have thought it would be so hard to make them?

P.S. - Lori's comment made me think that I perhaps need to knit one of these for modeling wee little hats upon?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Weekly update, 7/14/10

Just a few things...

Mindful Eating Experiment, Continued: After hearing much positive buzz about it, I'm testing one week of a photo food journal in blog form.  I strained a few brain cells coming up with the scintillating title:  it's called "Pubsgal Eats."  Here's how I introduced it over there:

Today was the first day of my "Week of Eats": a photo food journal.  All the cool kids seem to be doing this now, with the surge in
mindful eating from the Two Fit Chicks podcast.
Foodie McBody started one, inspired by
Mary of A Merry Life's food blog.  It does seem like a good way to make oneself pause and contemplate the food that will be fueling one's body.

Anyhow, I'm going to experiment with this for a week.  If it feels like it helps, I might keep it up longer.  If I find it too crazy-making, out it goes.  Maybe I'll even incorporate it into the regular blog, but then I'd sort of feel like I was copying Lori of Finding Radiance
and Biz of Biggest Diabetic Loser

I've only done it for a couple of days so far, but it's an interesting experiment.  When I don't have a "whoops" meal--photographing empty dishes and wrappers--I find myself taking a little time to present the food and look at it, to appreciate the colors and textures before I eat.  It made me realize that those "7 Guidelines" that flicker through my mind are kind of a heavy cognitive load.  Why have 7, when 3 will do?  I'm going with the old crossing-the-street saying, "Stop, Look, and Listen."  As in, STOP just grabbing and shoving stuff in my mouth, stop when satisfied with the meal, definitely stop when eating starts feeling like a "forced march."  LOOK at what I'm eating, take a little time to be thankful for it, and notice when the eating situation doesn't feel good (too distracted, multitasking, etc.).  LISTEN to my hunger/fullness signals during meal time, to what I really want, to my feelings when I want to binge or want to eat when I'm not hungry.

Gym situation: So far, so good. Some classes are very different.  The new ownership does not do licensed classes like BodyPump anymore.  But our same darlin' Brazilian drill sergeant is there at the same time slot, kicking things up a notch with her Cardio Sculpt class...I've had to go lower on the weights for all body areas.  It's scary-good what her newly unleashed creativity is coming up with.  Other classes (non-licensed ones) are same, with the instructors and the course content and times kept fairly similar. But all class names have changed in a fit of creative writing.  "Spin class" is now "The Ride."  (Haven't been in awhile, so not sure if it's different...each instructor had their own style and music, so I imagine each class is still similar.)  "Pilates on the Ball" became "Belly, Butt, and Thighs Bootcamp," although the instructor says that name is changing to "Power Ball."  One change on the schedule had me puzzled:  the Pilates instructor used to have a "Pilates on Foam Roller" class, and the name and description changed to "R&R," as in "rest and relaxation" (a flexibility class).  The instructor said ignore the schedule, the class is the same; in other words, a complete misnomer.  If they need a creative new name, I'd suggest "OWWAFEST" - as in, "Oh, when will (my) abs finally ever stop throbbing?"

So far, no rate changes, although I have a feeling they will eventually.  If they change much, I may have to re-evaluate this gym.  It doesn't have a pool, so I already have to go elsewhere for swimming.  Right now, there's a community pool that I spend about $16.50-22.00 per month using, on top of my gym fees.  So if the gym fees go up more than $15, it would be comparable to two other facilities that have a pool included, and I'd consider changing.  The *almost* priceless part about my current gym is that it is right next door to my work, so no additional drive.  The others are fairly close en route, but it would add extra time to my cram-in-a-workout schedule, probably an extra half hour at least.  (Which explains why I typically only swim once a week, it's 6 miles round-trip out of my way.)  Anyhoo, we'll see what the future brings.

Meet the Summer 2010 Neigh-bors:  We have some lovely new faces on the other side of the back fence!  You can't seem them too well, but there are two adorable foals in there with the mares.

Progress This week
7-day fasting blood glucose average: 107
7-day overall blood glucose average: 105

Weight: +1 pound this week.  Considering I hit redline over the weekend, I'm happy that I was able to rein it in and get that down to only +1.  (To put it in perspective, though, I'm still 3 pounds up from last month, where it finally looked like I was heading out of the 190s.)

Food goals:
* My goal was "Apply the '7 Guidelines', aiming for high fiber choices."  I don't have time to do a detailed analysis at this point, but I'd say I did so-so on the guidelines and well on the fiber choices.
* Read "Savor" - Just got this and the vegan baking cookbook "Babycakes" from the library the other day and browsed a little bit last night.

Exercise goals:  Here's the chart from my Daily Mile log.  Love Daily Mile!

Misc. goals:
* Got about 7 or more hours of sleep most nights, exception being Monday night, where I got about 6.
* Morning tooth flossing works for me!

Goals for Next Week

7-day blood glucose average goal and fasting numbers: below 120.
Weight goal: Maintain or progress.

Food goals:
* Complete "Week of Eats" over on Pubsgal Eats, aiming for high fiber and "Stop, Look, and Listen" behavior.
* Continue reading "Savor"

Exercise goals:
* 30 minutes of activity 5 days/week, tracking through Daily Mile.
* At least one run, bike, and swim per week.
* At least 2 strength things per week.

Misc. goals:
* 7 or more hours sleep/night.

* Morning tooth flossing

Monday, July 12, 2010

Scenes from the Weekend

Overall, it was a fine weekend:  I enjoyed my time with Mr. Handsome-and-Handy and Things 1 & 2, and we helped my sister-in-law celebrate her birthday.  The kids got to play with their friend who lives a couple of doors up from us; it's one of the best plus sides to where we live.  I made a dent in the to-do list.  I ate entirely too many macadamia nuts.

However, some of my weekend was spent in a grey funk that I wasn't really sure how to shake...

See that grey stuff along the hilltop? This was Friday night, and my home is swathed in it.  While most of the California is bright, bouncy, and energetic on a sunny summer weekend, we coastsiders get gloom.  It's enough to make an Eeyore out of the bounciest Tigger.  By Saturday evening, I had that soul-squashed feeling going on.  (Of course, I can't only blame the fog.  Two days without a good workout might have had something to do with it.)

So Sunday afternoon, I went for a little bike explore...

First stop was Quarry Park for a ride into a eucalyptus forest.  There were some serious hills for me, and my lower gears tend to slip a bit, so it was tough going.  I had to get off and walk several times.

I cruised through El Granada (more hills), past the harbor and through Princeton-by-the-Sea (picturesque name for a rather scruffy industrial area around the harbor), and to the Pillar Point trail, which I'd never explored before: the parking lot has always been too full when I tried.  Not a problem with the bike!

Along the marsh, there's this huge log.  At first glance, it looked like just a log...

...but closer inspection revealed little carvings!

Here's the beach behind the breakwater; lots of dogs romping in the water and fetching things.  Out in the ocean on the *other* side of the breakwater is where the famed Maverick's surf contest is held.  No wave action today, so the young man whom I told "Out there" when asked, "Where's Maverick's?" probably did not believe me.

Another curiousity along the trail: a labyrinth!  It faces due east, so on a clear morning, this must be an especially nice spot.  Of course, I had to stop and walk it, although I'm not sure I achieved much of a contemplative state.

I started my ride with a jacket on, but after awhile I got kind of warm.  This is my "See Jane Tri" t-shirt, of which I'm ever-so-proud.  I received many bemused glances.  Mental click!  I suddenly felt like a walking billboard for cannabis. 

After exploring the harbor, I proceeded south on the Coast Trail, past the boat launch and beachgoers, past the surfers, with a brief pause for a bake sale (and a homemade chocolate chip cookie-yum!).

Here's the luscious Cypress Inn B&B.  Ah, memories!  We spent part of our honeymoon here, and then made another visit (had to use a travel gift certificate before it expired) when I was pregnant with Thing 1.  Oh, that was too sad:  I'd been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and it hit me fiercely.  Insulin shots and missing the evening dessert were no fun.  Nor, also, was the nocturnal mosquito swarm!  Generally, once can leave screenless windows open here and not get bitten, especially by the beach.  However, we forgot about the nearby seasonal creek, which was probably standing water by then.  For once, Mr. H&H got bit worse than me.  I understand that they added screens to the doors and windows after our stay, though.

Just past the Cypress Inn, there's an unusual building. It was kind of impossible to photograph at a reasonable (for its inhabitants) angle, but I did catch these fun planters on the gate.

As I turned up my street, a huge group of cyclists went down the highway:  flashy jerseys, nice road bikes, going fast. Too quick to get a photo. *sigh*. I try to not compare, and I'm generally not one of those "I-must-go-out-and-buy-all-the-best-sporting-equipment" type of people, but I did have a brief "feeling shabby and back-of-the-pack" moment. But having gotten a good workout and checked out a few nooks I hadn't explored before, that feeling didn't stick around very long.

Finally, I have to show you my neighbors' fascinating agave plant. I've been watching it since this enormous stalk started erupting from it. Agave take a long time to bloom, and they only bloom once in their lives; sadly, this plant will die after it is done blooming. But it's putting on quite a grand finale. The photo is kind of dim, but you can see that the flower stalk is taller than the street light. I'll see if I can get a better shot with a proper camera one of these days.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Life is Good" Award + Update 2x

Jill over at The Sassy Pear gave me a "Life is Good" award. Thanks, Jill!  I'm finally getting around to this!

Of course, it comes with a condition: you have to answer a few questions that the Award-er makes up. Jill came up with some ring-a-dingers:

1. What do you do in the privacy of your own home that you would NEVER do in front of anyone?

As someone else said (was it Debby?), why on earth would I describe here something I would do in complete private?  Sheesh.  I guess there is one "safe for blogging" quirk:  I don't like working out to exercise videos in front of other people, even my family.  I don't mind taking classes, as you well know, probably because there is a whole group of people ripe for embarrassing themselves in some way or another.  But there's just something skin-crawlingly awkward about having onlookers as I shake my groove thing to the 15 Minutes Dance Express or contort myself along with Rodney Yee (um...well, now, come to think of it, that does sounds a little sordid...we're talking Yoga positions, people!).  I'll finish my workout video with my family in the room if I must, but I much prefer it when they blissfully sleep through the whole thing or are preoccupied with their computers or something.

2. If you could be someone else for one day, who would it be?

Do I get to pick which day, too?  Maybe Chrissie Wellington at the Ironman Championships last year, provided that "being her" meant my consciousness would be just tagging along for the ride, not actually "driving." :-)

3. What’s the bravest/scariest thing you’ve ever done?

When I was in college, I went to live in North Carolina for a 6-month internship.  I knew absolutely no-one in the area (nearest family was in New York). I drove cross-country with one of my best girl friends. What a blast! This was long before Google maps--*gasp*!  However, my parents had gone to AAA and had them make for me a little custom map booklets, from my starting point to my destination.  It was like having a hardcopy of the driving directions, in flip book form, and it came in really handy.  Putting my friend on the plane home was sad, though!  Those 6 months turned out to be one of my most amazing life experiences and it gave me a lot of confidence, but it was a little scary, too.

So now I'm supposed to nominate people and have them answer questions.  I want to nominate everyone, so if you're reading this and want to play along, please consider yourself nominated, and link up in the comments!  Or add to the comments instead, if you want.  Here are my questions for you:

1. What's the most fun travel experience you've ever had?
2. Who are your self esteem heros? (Nod to Dietgirl for that one.)
3. What things make you feel that "Life is Good"?

Update x2

Some thoughts on feeding: Well, it's been a couple of weeks since my last update!  I've been dabbling with...not sure "intuitive eating" is the right term, I'm going for something like "eating like a person who is sensible about food would eat."  I think that is, in fact, what I've been training to do over the past couple of years: eat what my body needs (and, within reason, what it wants), without having to track it or follow a set meal plan.  If I need to go back to those, or other tools, I'm fine with that, too.

So far, it's been 5 weeks since I tracked calories or followed a written plan; the "what" of my food plan is pretty much habit by now.  It's been really nice in some ways.  I wouldn't call it an unqualified success, even though scale-wise, I've stayed about the same (as of yesterday, I was down a couple of pounds since 6/2, but am back up to exactly the same today).  The "when" and "how much" and "put DOWN the nuts and step AWAY from the jar" and "I'm feeling bored/stressed/like eating that" is definitely not 100%.  There's the usual "is it emotional/craving or is it hunger" thing to listen for, and I'd say there's progress there.  However, physical hunger alone as a cue to eat doesn't always work for me as a person with diabetes, as I've written on some of your comments.  I've had experience in which my stomach was rumbling, yet my blood glucose levels tell me that the last thing I ate was still sustaining me just fine, thanks.  I've also had experience when I'm feeling content, hunger-wise, even when I could stand to eat something (such as before or after exercising) if I go by my meter reading.  Letting myself get "hangry" doesn't serve me too well, either, although I tolerate the tummy rumbles pretty well if I know I'm close to a meal and it won't hurt me to wait a little bit.  And what to do with elevated fasting levels?  Do I just not eat breakfast, even though I'm hungry and the elevation might be from my liver making some extra glucose because I haven't eaten in awhile?  For me, I have to apply common sense of timing along with the bodily cues, cross-checking with my meter as needed, and including "refresher courses" on my portions for some foods.

14 day blood glucose average:  106
14 day fasting blood glucose average: 105 (There were some funky fasting numbers with this vial of strips: 125/123 the day I started the vial, and 119 another day.  Control solution says these strips are good, but I'm wondering if I got some bad ones in this batch.  Those numbers are way out of fasting range for me.)

Exercise:  I have been faithfully tracking over on Daily Mile; had 3 rest days out of the last 14, and I definitely got at least 30 minutes per day.  Cardio intensity has been lower, though; more walking and workout videos, plus strength classes at the gym, but I haven't been to spin class since before my last tri and I haven't been running as much, either.  I'll need to step things up a notch before that Lompoc Tri in 5 weeks.

One thing that has rocked my fitness world is that the gym next to work changed to a different franchise altogether!  I'm hoping that they won't be raising my rates, or if they do, it will still be within my budget.  I've investigated other options, but I'm hoping it I won't have to change gyms.  I really like the instructors for the classes I'm taking--even though those are changing a bit--and I love the convenience of it not involving another drive.

Sleep:  You'd think this would be good, being summer and all, but our whole household is staying up later and later, and I don't get to sleep in.  Averaging about 7 hours/night.

Teeth:  Haven't tracked, but I have been better about flossing.  For some reason, mornings are great, because it seems I find it easier to convince myself to do things when I'm half-awake, and it doesn't seem quite so "last hurdle before bed."

Goals for Next Week

7-day blood glucose average goal and fasting numbers: below 120.
Weight goal: Maintain or progress.

Food goals:
* Apply the "7 Guidelines", aiming for high fiber choices.
Chia seeds for your tea, anyone?
("Slimy, yet satisfying!")
* Read "Savor" (it's waiting for me at the library)

Exercise goals:
* 30 minutes of activity 5 days/week, tracking through Daily Mile.
* At least one run, bike, and swim per week.
* At least 2 strength things per week.

Misc. goals:
* 7 or more hours sleep/night.