Sunday, October 20, 2013

2013 Senior Coastsiders Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Run 5k

Well, house painting awaits, but I had to pop in and post about the 2013 Senior Coastsiders Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Run/Walk!  Wow, can't believe it's my 5th event - I ran in 2008, 2009, walked it in 2010, ran again in 2011, took 2012 off...and here we are in 2013!

I love this race - it was the first one I did when I was regaining my fitness, and so it has a special place in my heart. My fitness really plummeted in 2012, so I fired up the podcasts and started training - just finished week 8, day 2 on the Thursday before the race, so this event was "graduation".  I did the supplemental weeks 4-2 and 7-2; the former, because I needed it, and the latter to time week 8 with the race.  So my main goals this year were to have fun, to finish, and to feel grateful that I didn't have any injuries to keep me from running it.

Despite a choppy night's sleep - I always sleep poorly before a race - I got there at about 7:30 and the pre-race was in full swing.  I picked up bib and my race swag: pumpkin and a t-shirt (no, not the one I'm wearing!).   I jogged around a bit to warm up, because it was cold and quite foggy.  (Glad I did - I usually don't, but I noticed during my runs that I don't really feel fully warmed up until about 20 minutes.)  I don't think I've ever attended a sunny one - and the morning weather was clear all during the week until Friday morning!  OH well.

I love this race:  lots of families race it together, young & old run and walk it.  Early on, I was absolutely dusted by a woman with a jogging stroller.  One girl was running with her dad, and at one point they both broke into skipping, and then she turned 3 flawless cartwheels - I cheered, "Bravo!" as much a salute to her exuberant spirit as to her skilled cartwheeling.  You get a lot of serious athletes in this one, too, and then there are the crazy folks who do a 1-mile ocean swim down the coast (BRRRR!!!), emerge, and then do the running event.  I wonder if they plant bikes here and do a bike ride on the way home? ;-)

The route was a little different than in 2011.  Instead of going through the campground for mile 2, the route wound through the Alsace Lorraine neighborhood.  Lots of volunteers and cute pumpkin chalk art on the ground kept us on track.

I feel like my training prepared me very well for the race.  I'm not as fast as I have been in the past, but I maintained a slightly uncomfortable pace for most of it - if it wasn't a little uncomfortable, it wouldn't be a race, right?

There were lots of people in pumpkin hats, pumpkin t-shirts, and one runner in a pumpkin suit, but the run tends to be a bit low-key in the costume department.

Before I knew it, I was passing beneath the balloon arch.  The race clock said 37:xx, I forget exactly what the minutes were, so we'll call it 38 minutes.  I felt satisfied - I met my goals, and I finished faster than my first one in 2008.  (I was unofficially a little faster in 2011, but that's because a late bathroom stop delayed my start by a couple of minutes.)

UPDATE:  Looking for the race results?  They are posted at ( and on the site ( 

There are some amazingly fast people in this race, in all age groups.  I am not one of them.  But I was happy with how I did.  My pace was 37:46.7 (12.11 min mile).  In the 5k Run/Walk, I was 300/492 overall and 31/52 in my age group. 

You know what the coolest part was?  After the race, seeing some of my kids' friends get awards in their 12 and under age group for the 5k!  One of the kids - a girl from my son's preschool playgroup - took first of the girls, and so I got to find them and catch up a little.  I also saw my daughter's Kindergarten teacher, who couldn't believe that some of the kids she had taught were running the 5k this year.  (No, not mine...they were all snug in their nice, warm beds.)  She and her husband and family had just finished the 10k, massive 2-kid stroller and all!

Congrats to everyone who participated in the event this year!  And thank you, Senior Coastsiders and event volunteers, for hosting another event full of fitness and fun!

A happy 5k finisher!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Opposite Life Reboot!

Well, I'm back!

[Picking bits of barnacle shell off of my back.  You'll have that from a keel hauling. Captain Wordswench and crew are none to gentle...]

But where to restart?  Rebooting a blog is kind of like rebooting one's fitness routine, so I guess I just need to dive back in and start writing something.  The "big catchup" seems daunting, just like the idea of getting back into running.  So I guess I'll do a brief re-cap, and hopefully flesh some of those out in the coming weeks.

[I really wanted to post something yesterday, October 2, for so many reasons.  But my first draft was interrupted here by Thing 1, who was having trouble sleeping, and Mr. Handsome-and-Handy, who is desperately sleep-deprived and just wanted to go to bed already...

...It's now October 3.  I will take 5 minutes and post SOMEthing.  Because something is better than nothing, right? ;-D]
  • FitBloggin' 13:  I am probably the last of the people who are going to attempt a recap that are actually going to do it. It was, overall, awesome!  I met some wonderful new blogger friends, broke out of my introvert self in many ways, enjoyed my PDX - finding new favorites, when old favorites have gone.  (I also discovered some tasty new things at the conference, and I will be doing a product review and my FIRST giveaway, so look for that in the next week!) FitBloggin' ends with a 1 mile/5k/10k event.  I was going to do the 5k in the morning - walking, I hadn't run in a long time - but I ended up doing the mile walk with friends I met, and it was SO fun!  Like a kid at Christmas, though, I let myself get overtired during the conference days and so some things that didn't quite gel for me made me feel a little more fragile than I would normally let them.  I can't say "I can't wait to tell you all about it," because obviously I have waited.  But I look forward to MAKING some time to do it justice.
  • See Jane Run Volunteer!:  I was also going to at least walk the 5k for the Run for Chocolate and Champagne, but I ended up hurting my ankle.  They ended up short on volunteers, so I went and helped out at registration and taking down the registration area...and probably burned more calories than actually participating!  So yes, I ate the chocolate.  I also got to see Susan Ito and her Weight Watchers "Island Girls" tribe!
  • The Grandparent Trifecta!  Our summer vacation saw us visiting all 3 sets of grandparents!  We traveled to Tucson in June, Lompoc for 4th of July (and the kids saw real fireworks for the first time!), and Michigan in July/August for a big ol' family reunion.
  • program:  I also decided to try and regain my running.  I wasn't excited about it, but I decided to commit to getting through the "couch to 5k" program.  I'm happy to say that I just finished day 2 of week 7!  I have to say, it felt like a drudge until week 6, and now I'm actually looking forward to my running days.  I plan to do one more day, then then supplemental 7-2, then week 8 the week before the Pumpkin Run - week 8 should be a good taper of sorts after the longer week 7 and 7-2 workouts.  This year will be my 5th Pumpkin Run!  I missed it last year, so it will be good to be back.  I don't plan to take my distance longer than 4 miles anymore.  My goal is to become the best 5k runner I can.
  • Back to school:  Yes, it's ON!  The kids have been back awhile, so everything is once more in full swing.
  • A new Facebook page!  Unfortunately, "Opposite Life" was taken, so I set up a writer page, "Pubsgal."  I don't know what I'm going to do with it yet, but it might be handy for blog update alerts.  Maybe it will become where I blog, because Blogger doesn't work so well on mobile devices, and I've been big-screen challenged lately.  (Which is why I don't comment on blogs as much anymore, either.) 
Um, did I say "brief"?  Oh well!  Hope all you crickets have a great day!