Monday, May 6, 2013

May Already? You have got to be kidding me.

Happy May!  I can't believe that we're already well into the 5th month of the year.

Where has the time gone?!?!?!

Hope the new year is treating everyone well.  Opposite Family and I have been keeping very busy, with school & work (oh my gosh, the work!) & volunteering & all the life stuff we have to do in addition to the above.

  • I received amazing news from one of my blogging heroines, the amazing Ms. Shauna Reid:  I won the ticket to FitBloggin' 13 in her Super Sell-out blogging anniversary event!!!  This year, the event is being held on the West Coast, in my very favorite city: Portland, Oregon!  Many thanks to Shauna for hosting the giveaway and to Roni of SkinnyMinnyMedia for sponsoring the prize!  My birthday mojo must have still been in effect, because this happened a mere two days after my big day!  Of course, being neither as fit as I would like nor a terribly active blogger during the past couple of years, I'm probably not the most deserving recipient.  But maybe this trip will re-spark both.  It will be great timing, just after my 5th "healthiversary".  I have to admit that I'm a little anxious about it, too, because I probably won't know very many people and am actually kind of a shy person in large groups.  Any advice on FitBloggin'?
  • Following that was the holiday weekend, and Lori of Finding Radiance's 3rd Annual Bloggers' Healthy Heart Weekend! My daughter had been sick that weekend, and my plans to do something amazing changed into OMG-I've-gotta-do-SOMETHING!!! So I turned to my faithful exercise bike and cranked out 6.5 miles. It wasn't the greatest-feeling workout, but I got it done and sent in my photo. (I made up for it the next day with an exhilarating outing to the Pillar Point bluffs for an excellent walk/jog.) So imagine my surprise when I won the shower gel/body butter prize! We are all enjoying it. Thanks, Lori, for hosting another great virtual event!
  • This past weekend, my hula sisters and I danced for the residents at Sunrise Assisted Living in San Mateo, then attended the Foster City Polynesian Festival.  I really enjoyed dancing for the residents, especially the last number: our instructor taught and we all led a sitting hula (noho style) to "Song of Old Hawaii."  It has pretty arm motions, and it was fun to include everyone.  I was impressed by the facility: the staff were very nice, and the ground floor common areas were so pleasant.  They even have a resident dog, cat, and bird. 
  • Finally, I was excited and happy to see that a group of some of myfavorite bloggers came together to start AIM: Adventures in Maintenance!  They post on the first Monday of every month on a weight maintenance-related topic, and I'm enjoying reading their posts in AIM as well as their regular postings.  Here are links to each of their web sites; click today (5/6/13) to see their latest AIM post:
    Lynn @ Lynn's Weigh
    Debbie @ debbyweighs in
Lots more goings-on, but that will have to do for now!  I'll be back sooner than I was last time:  I will have my See Jane Run (or, in this Jane's case, "ralk"), plus FitBloggin' adventures to share!