Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Lei Day & Race Report: Pre-Season Burn Series #3

Just popping in for a quick news update...I'm fine, but feeling a bit zonked right now.  If I thought we were busy before, oh my gosh, between dance, baseball, school, and new & exciting work projects, it's been a whirlwind!

Happy Lei Day!

"May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii," you know!  But I seem to recall there being a custom of "May baskets" on the mainland; I remember making little paper baskets, putting garden flowers in them, and taking them to neighbors.  Does anyone still do that sort of thing?

This is on my mind because, well, I always seem to have Hawaii on the brain.  But especially so this month, because our hula class will be having its "hoike," or recital.  We're doing lots of practicing, and I think it will be lots of fun!  Not to mention some tasty food afterward!  

Pre-Season Burn Series #3

Race #3 was also at College of San Mateo.  I was *this* close to not going, because of the rain that was forecast - but I went anyway and the weather was great! I didn't see the woman from my first two races, but I met a scout leader who was doing his first triathlon. 

Race Standings (200 yard swim, 10K stationary spin, 1.5 mile run)

: 21/24 (2 places lower than February)

: 12/15 (1 place lower than February)

: 4/12 (well, that was better!)
Swim 00:07:08 (6:56 in January, 5:22 in February)

+ Transitions 00:19:33 (21:52 in January, 00:20:45 in February)

Run  20:12 (19:06 in January, 18:50 in February)
Total time: 00:46:53.207 (47:54 in January, 00:44:57.176 in February; 43:47 in 2011 at the same event)
Even though my preparations in March were downright pitiful and the race itself wasn't pretty, I got it done and did my 3 mini-tri's in 3 months!  Although I would like to have improved my times, the series did serve its main purpose:  keeping me on track for minimal fitness during the winter months.