Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Scenes of Our Season (+weekly update 12/9/09)

I'm so sorry to not be around commenting like I usually do, but I'm immersed. Submerged. Almost-but-not-quite overwhelmed. But gladly so, with hard work and the joys of the season. I am reading, though, and enjoying all the photos of all y'all's holiday fun. So in lieu of rambling, I thought I'd share some scenes from our season.

Our new tree! Why is it so hard to get a nice photo of a Christmas tree?
(Notice the dog rear on right of photo, Cecelia and Juice?)
Ala Lori, some closeups of some of my favorite ornaments:

Here are snowmen for says "Let it Snow" and was a gift to Mr. Handsome-and-Handy on our first Christmas together, him being a transplanted Midwesterner.
I've gotten him a "let it snow"-themed gift each year.
The whale ornament is from our Hawaii Christmas a couple of years ago.

Thing 1's snowflake...

...Thing 2's snowflake...

...and one of the crocheted snowflakes made by my super-crafty grandmother! She has passed on; I'm glad we have some of her beautiful handiwork. (Including what she titled her "chocolate quilt," a double-wedding ring quilt in shades of brown. I always think of GramE when I see your quilts, Debby!)

And speaking of trees, some photos from our visit to the coolest tree farm ever!
(The Mythbusters even bought their trees there for their holiday special, in which they tested which additive helped trees retain their needles.
The property is full of swings hanging from the trees, like this tire swing.
(Your guys would love this place, Christie O!)

Oddly though, we don't go there to buy a tree. We go for the wreath-making! (And the firepit with marshmallows for roasting, and the hay bale maze, and the scenic beauty....)

A rare treat: snow up at our kids' school!
This happens about once a year, and not always then.

We weren't 100% sure of snow up there, so on the way up....
Thing 1: I'm going to build a snowman!
Me: There might not be enough snow...
Thing 1: I'll build a snow CHICKEN, then!
(He was too busy with the snowball fight, so Thing 2 and I made the snow chicken.)

A frosty playground...or, should I say, battleground?

Oooo, got him!

P.S. Health-wise, I'm back down to where I was 2 weeks ago; having more "playouts" and "bakeouts" and "shopouts" than "workouts"; and blood glucose averages good - 100 fasting, 98 overall.


Courtney said...

Awesome action shot of the snowball!!! Loving your holiday fun...homemade ornaments are the best.
adventures in tri-ing

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the snowman pic!!

I still haven't decorated!! Gotta get on that.

Love the snow pics! It looks like a winter wonderland here too!

Lori said...

Love the snowball pic LOL!

Your tree looks so wonderful! It is hard to take good pictures of them, though, isn't it? Wonder why that is.

debby said...

I found the snow chicken most amusing! But wait, for some reason I thought you lived in Half Moon Bay or thereabouts--snow???

Man, did I get hit hard with snow. Gonna post in a minute!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics! The snow chicken (well outlined!) is the best. :) It's nice to see these insider glimpses of the Opposite Family.

And a special shout out to your half-dog.

Pubsgal said...

Debby: Yep, we live on the coast, but our district has open enrollment, so our kids are going to a small school at 2000' feet above sea level. So they get a little snow now & then.