Monday, July 25, 2011

Fit Stanley is here! (And other summer stuff)

"Fit Stanley" is here!

A new friend of ours arrived from Austin, TX last week!

"Hi!  I'm Fit Stanley!"

He's enjoying hanging out with the Things...

"Is this another one of your blog things, Mom?"

And I took him for a walk on the coastal trail...

The trail was sunny, but there was fog on the water.  
So much for Stanley's first view of the Pacific Ocean!

He climbs trees with grace and style!

What?!  Trash on the trail?  
Ever mindful of his fit'vironment, you know Fit Stanley had to transport this to a proper receptacle.  
Fit Stanley is a great fit'venture companion!  
He never grumbles about the pace being too slow or too fast, and no activity is too humble.

Stay tuned for his continued adventures!  And be sure to check out Fit Stanley and Fit Stella's blog at  (Fit Stella just had a great time visiting Christie O, and she even got to go surfing!  Sorry, Stanley, but you'll need to look to another family for that sort of fit'venture.)

How does your garden grow?

Remember this? My "restrained" shopping trip at the nursery?

I thought you might like to see how they're doing now!

This pot was in perfect bloom for Independence Day!  
The catnip, though, is a little worse for the cat love...

Post-planting.  (Actually, this is a few weeks later, because the carrots are starting to show.)

Here it is now!

We've had a couple of snow peas, but no beans yet.  The plant in front is a "ronde de nice" zucchini, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it does here.

Annie's Annuals alpine strawberry.  They stay white, so it's kind of hard to tell when they are ripe...

Lettuce and a blueberry shrub - the blueberries are tasty!  
We just don't get many all at once, though.

Annie's Annuals snapdragons

The snapdragons have been the biggest surprise. I bought single apricot, double apricot, and double pink one, and they are now all blooming.  So beautiful!  The photo really doesn't do them justice.  The shape is different from your regular snap - you can't pop their mouths open and shut, which I was looking forward to showing the kids.  And these got really tall for snaps, the tallest spire is 2.5 feet tall.  (They look taller, though, due to the camera angle, don't they?)

Happy Summer, everyone!


Jill said...

Yay FitStanley!! How fun! I hope he comes to visit me. :)

Your flowers are GORGEOUS!!! I love the red, white, and blue arrangement - so patriotic. I love snapdragons - any color attracts my attention!!

Lori said...

Hi Fit Stanley!

Your flowers are so pretty. I think flowers are just happiness in a physical form.

Brooke said...

i'm jealous that you get to have a garden! :) we do have fruit trees, but i don't think our harvest is going to be bountiful this year

Anonymous said...

Fit Stanley is so cute! And your flowers look lovely - as do the Things. :)

Crabby McSlacker said...

Flowers and fitness, what a great combo! Looks like you gave Fit Stanley a good workout, bet he enjoyed his adventures.

Awesome pictures, thanks for sharing!

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debby said...

Hey, you snuck in a post on me! How fun to have Fit Stanley visit. Love your flowers and plants. I'm especially impressed that you have blueberries growing.

Biz said...

OMG, I totally forgot about flat Stanley! Love that he's fit now!

Hope you are enjoying your summer - by the looks of it, I think you are!


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