Monday, January 2, 2012

There's something about 2012...

"A thrill of hope,
The weary world rejoices,
For yonder breaks
A new and glorious morn."

That verse from the Christmas carol "O Holy Night" followed me around all season.  Although I might have sort of encouraged it by replaying Straight No Chaser's version of it over & over in my car....but no, even out of my car, I bumped into that song everywhere, maybe even more often than that stalker, "Oh Baby, It's Cold Outside."  Hearing it made me grin, because seriously?  There was just something about the approaching new year that had me kind of giddy.

And we don't even have a Hawaii trip on the horizon!

Sure, I usually like the idea of a new year.  I've learned that I'm just not a big, honkin', audacious goal or resolution for the new year type of person, and I'm okay with that.  (My most successful resolution ever?  To do a page-a-day origami calendar, and even that one, there were a lot of days I missed.  But it was fun!)  Some years it feels like New Year's happens too soon, though, that everything is bundled up and put away before I'm ready to move on. Like last year:  Looking back at last year's post, I was pretty "meh" about the whole thing, probably feeling kind of fatigued from post-Las Vegas rock & roll half marathon.

But this year?  Bring it!  Maybe it is a residual sugar high from the Christmas cookies or finally getting enough sleep or something, but this year has me feeling even more optimistic than usual, although I don't quite know why.  I'm feeling the complete opposite of last year. 

 "Well, heck, yeah!" you all are probably thinking. 
"Who wouldn't be giddy with weather like that in January?"

 Some things on tap for me and the Opposite Family this year, so far:
  • Hula class!  I took almost an entire year of hula in 2011, and seriously, I think it was key to my sanity during some really stressful times.  This year, our instructor is having an intermediate class, which should be good and challenging.  (And it will be later in the evening, so I can make it home before class.  Dinner is a GOOD thing before hula.  Unless there are beans involved.)
  • Pre-Season Burn Series!  I found myself longing for triathlon during the last part of 2011.  So I decided to jump-start the year fitness-wise and sign up for all three of the "Pre-Season Burn Series" mini-sprint triathlons at College of San Mateo. I did this in January of last year, and it was pretty fun.  I'll be doing a 200 yard swim, 10K bike on the poolside stationary bikes, and a 1.5 mile run around campus three times this winter.  I will not be as fast as last January during the first one, but that's why I wanted February and March in there.  It will be interesting to see how well I can ramp up.
  • Camping!  We're finally going to try camping with the kids. We have a test run close to home in May, and then a longer weekend trip by a lake in June.
  • Family visits!  Things 1 & 2 are sure looking forward to their Michigan cousins' visit in July, and we'll be spending time with grandparents this year. (Rumor has it Legoland may be on the agenda in there somewhere....)
  • Quarterly Events!  I'm not going to commit to any particular event or distance yet, but I think that having a quarterly event to reward my exercise habit (or to provide a noodge) works well for me.  So I'll be on the lookout for things in Qs 2, 3, and 4. (Although Pumpkin Run will probably be there in Q4.)
  • 2nd-days!  While I was on my walk today, I thought it would be cool to do something special on the 2nd day of each month.  It doesn't have to be big, as long as it's something enjoyable.  Today's was my walk on the coast trail.  I saw so many smiling people out there, it was as if they, too, could feel the awesomeness of the new year.  Next month's will be my birthday (and that of 2 of my co-workers, I discovered this past year - it will be fun to celebrate with some of my fellow groundhogs).  

Here's to a happy new year in 2012 to you all!  May you enjoy fitness & health, love & laughter...and maybe even a chocolate kale crunchie or two.

P.S. - And hey, if you're not quite ready for the New Year yet, the Year of the Dragon begins on January 23!




Brooke said...

happy new year!!! :) i look forward to reading about all your adventures in 2012 - and you're right, with weather like that i don't think you're crazy for pursuing mini-tris in Winter!

Biz said...

Happy New Year to you and your family! Love your goals and I am sure you guys will have a ton of fun camping!


Jill said...

I love it that you are already looking at the year ahead and planning things out. I tend to be too much in the moment and am taken by surprise when things like birthdays or annual events pop up (even though logically I know I have 365 days to get ready). Maybe my goal for the new year should be to look ahead?

What a great year you have planned so far - sounds like fun!! :)

Lori said...

That 2nd day thing sounds cool! Our city does a Third Thursday downtown with an art walk and restaurant specials.

We camped a lot when we were kids. So many good memories from that.

Miz said...

happy happy happy WEEK 2 :)


debby said...

There sure is a nice optimism in the air about this new year! And I sure do love seeing a post from you to start the year off right. Even if it did take me a few days to find it...

carla said...

hows it all going?? :-)