Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Lei Day & Race Report: Pre-Season Burn Series #3

Just popping in for a quick news update...I'm fine, but feeling a bit zonked right now.  If I thought we were busy before, oh my gosh, between dance, baseball, school, and new & exciting work projects, it's been a whirlwind!

Happy Lei Day!

"May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii," you know!  But I seem to recall there being a custom of "May baskets" on the mainland; I remember making little paper baskets, putting garden flowers in them, and taking them to neighbors.  Does anyone still do that sort of thing?

This is on my mind because, well, I always seem to have Hawaii on the brain.  But especially so this month, because our hula class will be having its "hoike," or recital.  We're doing lots of practicing, and I think it will be lots of fun!  Not to mention some tasty food afterward!  

Pre-Season Burn Series #3

Race #3 was also at College of San Mateo.  I was *this* close to not going, because of the rain that was forecast - but I went anyway and the weather was great! I didn't see the woman from my first two races, but I met a scout leader who was doing his first triathlon. 

Race Standings (200 yard swim, 10K stationary spin, 1.5 mile run)

: 21/24 (2 places lower than February)

: 12/15 (1 place lower than February)

: 4/12 (well, that was better!)
Swim 00:07:08 (6:56 in January, 5:22 in February)

+ Transitions 00:19:33 (21:52 in January, 00:20:45 in February)

Run  20:12 (19:06 in January, 18:50 in February)
Total time: 00:46:53.207 (47:54 in January, 00:44:57.176 in February; 43:47 in 2011 at the same event)
Even though my preparations in March were downright pitiful and the race itself wasn't pretty, I got it done and did my 3 mini-tri's in 3 months!  Although I would like to have improved my times, the series did serve its main purpose:  keeping me on track for minimal fitness during the winter months. 



debby said...

Well there you are! Its like mental telepathy! I won't check your blog for weeks and then when I check in, there is a new post!

Glad to hear from you. Those pesky kids are getting in the way of your blogging career LOL.

Still hoping to get together one of these days!

Jill said...

Yay!! Good job on the tri - even for not preparing much, you did great!!

Glad to see your post! :)

DebraSY said...

Congrats on three mini-tris! You da' Woman.

Minimal fitness: what a spectacular concept!

Biz said...

I think its great you did three tri's - I have done only one in 2006 and never did another one - the swimming always scares me! :D

Hope you are well!



Juice said...

Even without much time to prepare you are still getting it done! Way to go!