Monday, March 31, 2014

Participants Needed for a Research Study: Diabetes and Future Pregnancy

Popping in from my slacking off in blogging busy day job life to let you all know that participants are needed for a research study on diabetes and future pregnancy.

I was contacted recently by Carrie Grady, a graduate student at Drexel University.  In her email, she wrote:
I am working on my Master’s thesis research project that studies women with diabetes’ perceptions of becoming pregnant. Many women with diabetes have reported a poor knowledge of the risks of hyperglycemia during pregnancy, a lack of information about planning a pregnancy from health care providers, and unsupportive attitudes from others, such as health care providers, family members, and partners. This study aims to assess how women with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes view their ability to control their disease, prevent a pregnancy, and understand how to reduce risks of adverse outcomes from hyperglycemia during pregnancy.
Participants fill out an anonymous online survey, which asks women about their diabetes and future pregnancy/planning (the survey link is I hope that this information will help doctors and nurses improve their quality of care for women with diabetes.
She is looking for women with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes who have never been pregnant. More details about the survey criteria are available in the Recruitment Flyer (click this link to view). In following up with Carrie, she mentioned that most respondents have been women with Type 1 diabetes and that they would really love to hear from those with Type 2 diabetes as well.

Good luck, Carrie!  I had not been diagnosed with Type 2 until after my pregnancies, but I did have gestational diabetes during both and was fortunate to receive excellent care.


Debra said...

So not interested in pregnancy. But I'm going to read through your back posts... I have been pre-diabetic for about 4-5 years. Never getting worse, but not getting better.

I actually have the perfect storm of metabolic disease. But haven't figured out what I'm doing wrong to change things up. Except maybe not enough endurance work.

Managing Diabetes said...

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