Saturday, March 20, 2010

Look What Was In Mailbox Today!

Check out this gorgeous apron from Juice of the blog "All Things Juice". It's her gift in a blog crafters' "Pay It Forward" gift exchange. I love it!!! Here are a couple of photos, one up close so you can check out her great embroidery skills and color savvy!

Thanks, Juice!!!

P.S. My "pay it forward," the preemie baby hats, are coming along. I've got one knit so far (just need to add pom-poms to it), and I'm on to #2 in a cheery yellow color.


debby said...

Ooh, how darling! That's putting a little pressure on me for my pay it forward gifts. But fortunately for me, the procrastinator, that exchange gave you 365 days to fulfill your commitment.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you like it! And I love that you're barefoot in the kitchen. :)

Use it in good health!

Pubsgal said...

How funny, I didn't even think about it! (I'm definitely done with the "and pregnant" part!) I think wandering around barefoot is a last vestige of my Southern California roots; being at home and cozy always means no shoes for me, stray Legos be darned! I always used to go outside barefoot in our yard, too, but with diabetes, I've gotten better about wearing shoes outside.

Sagan said...

That is LOVELY! And you look so happy with your apron and wooden spoon, hehe.