Monday, May 17, 2010

Quick Monday Update

What a weekend!  It went pretty well, even though...
  • I overdid it a little on Friday evening and Sunday calorie-wise, by about 1,000 calories; it could have been better, but it could have been worse.
  • I overdid it a lot on Saturday exercise-wise.  I went 7 miles, mostly slow running, some walking; which is a new personal distance-on-foot record for me.  Man, was I sore toward the end and all that day and the next; I hadn't exactly been building up to that distance.  Not terribly smart, I know, but I felt really cooped up after missing BodyPump last week and not getting any high-intensity exercise, so when I had the chance on Saturday, I decided to see if I could still do 10K.  Turns out my route was a little longer than I thought.
  • I underdid it sleep-wise last night, but it was so worth it:  I went to Susan/Foodie McBody's one-woman show in San Francisco and was part of a blogger meet-up!  Her show was terrific:  funny, moving, and it so effectively captures the experience of facing and learning to manage type 2 diabetes in a positive way.  *And* I got to meet these wonderful gals:

Left to right: me, Shannon of "SuperwomanSpirit", Susan of "foodfoodbodybody", and Kat of  "fitmindbodyspirit"

One reason we're laughing so hard here is because on the other side of the table, Kat's husband and Susan's husband were juggling our bevvy of cell phones, snapping photos.  (The first photo above is Shannon taking a picture of them with all of our phones.)  I had been following Shannon's blog a bit, but Kat's was new to me.  I checked it out when Susan mentioned that she was going to be at the show; I found out that we live less than 5 miles apart and have, among other things, the Hawaii travel-bug in common!  

If you ever get the chance to meet people from our little corner of the blogosphere, I highly recommend it!  In my experience so far, everyone I've met has been just as delightful in person as they are online. 


Sagan said...

Aww that blogger meet-up looks awesome! I love meeting bloggers... even though I've only been able to do it once... hehe.

Sounds like you had a really good weekend, and congrats on the 7 miles!

Foodie McBody said...

Yay yay yay!!!!! Last night was soooooo fun in so many ways. BIG THANK YOU for coming all the way up to the big bad city to see the show!

debby said...

Wow, congrats on the 7 miles. That is really a long ways.

And, we HAVE to make a plan to meet! Whether for a 7 mile hike or coffee and a cupcake! I will try to remember to email a couple of potential dates tomorrow.

Brooke said...

i wish i would have realized where you were from when i visited cali last year!

Fattie Fatterton said...

Congrats on the new PDR!! That's wonderful! :D

Looks like you had a great time. :D

Kat said...

It was really great to meet in person on Sunday. Thank you so much for letting us hitch a ride with you. Let's schedule a hike as soon as I am feeling better.

Superwoman Spirit said...

LOL I laugh at those pictures because I can imagine the guys trying to figure out all the cameras. So fun and funny!
Such a pleasure to meet you in person! Thank you so much for the ride and the wonderful conversation. I hope to see you again!

Robin said...

We've been very fortunate here in Orlando, with blogger meet-ups. Such fun!