Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guest Post over on FoodFoodBodyBody

Guess who's got a guest post today over on Foodie McBody's blog, "FoodFoodBodyBody"?


No, not exactly.  But you're close:  my extremely supportive Opposite Family shares their secrets for healthy and happy living!

Unfortunately, I didn't ask Foodie what the best format for a post appearing on Wordpress would be, and the post isn't formatting very gracefully.  (*sigh*...what happens when I ASSuME...)  For easier reading, right-click the post and select (depending on your web browser) "View page source" or "View source."  In the source view, scroll down to about 105 or so, the actual line number varies, depending on your web browser's page source viewer.


Brooke said...

heading over there now! :)

Angela said...

It was adorable!!