Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving + Holiday Hoedown Update for Week 1!


Hope everyone enjoys a wonderful holiday!  I'm so looking forward to it!  We'll be doing the arduous journey of about 1 mile to Mr. Handsome-and-Handy's brother's family's place and sharing the day with them.  We'll be bringing fresh fruit (salad or tray, I'm still deciding) and steamed broccoli, as well as rolls and pumpkin pie, and they and our sister-in-law's family will be doing all the other stuff.  (They always BBQ their turkey, which makes it nice and smoky and crispy...yum!)

I'm so humbly thankful for all of the good stuff during the year.  I'm especially thankful that we had good news from Mr. Handsome-and-Handy's eye appointment yesterday.  His eye pressure is back to normal and all of the restrictions (riding in a car, driving, exertion, reading) are done!  He has a bit of fuzziness, but the doctor said that ought to clear up when the dilating eye drops wear off. Follow up appointment in a couple of months. WHEW! Thanks, everyone, for the good thoughts, prayers, etc.!

Holiday Hoedown - Week 1 Update

I'm also grateful for my upbeat and very interactive team, the Tinsel Vixens!  Woot!

This past week I was up .4 lb, which I'd be fine with if I wasn't a couple of pounds up from my "happy" weight.

However, I will claim success on meeting the team goals of at least 3 fruit or veggie servings per day (and even though I eat a lot of veggies normally, the weekend was a bit harder that way) and exceeded the 30 minutes x 3 days goal by doing my personal goal of 30+ minutes x 5 days.

I didn't quite hit it all the time with reining in the eating as much as I ought to have done, but I did bring my lunch each day and packed good, healthy stuff.  I was especially proud of meeting my basic exercise goals, because the past week was pretty crazy, and I had to do the stationary biking after everyone else was snoozing away for the night, instead of wandering off for a long walk/run or going to the gym at lunch during the week.  I was also proud of me for getting in 2 strength days instead of just one.  Even though the 2nd one was kind of short, it was more doing something outside of class that was the point.

Blood glucose numbers were also looking a lot better; will report later, as my meter is not handy at the moment.


Brooke said...

hurrah for goal meeting! sounds like you smoked 'em :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Lori said...

Great job on your goals! And even greater on Mr. H&H's eyes!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hopefully some day we will get a chance to chat in real life :D

debby said...

Happy Thanksgiving Pubsgal, and be sure to tell your family happy thanksgiving from me and all the doggies!

So glad to hear ab/Mr. H&H's eye. Whew!

And I think you have done great, considering all the extra stress you have been under. Enjoy the day tomorrow--you deserve it.

Angela said...

Wonderful news about your hubby!!

Happy Thanksgiving my dear!! :D

Anonymous said...

Nice job Pubsgal! I gained this week but overall feel like I did good bc of all the other goals! So I'm with you!! Extra kudos for bringing healthy options to your feast tomorrow! And glad the hubby is doing better.

Biz said...

Great job on the goals!! And thanks for the gluten link too.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!



Terri said...

Great job - and so glad you've had good news about the hubs!

Kat said...

Happy Thanksgving weekend! Good job on your goals this past week and glad to hear that your husband is doing well too. Thinking of you and sending you lots of good Aloha for the run next week!

Biz said...

I think you continue to do great! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving enjoying your family!

jaime said...

happy (belated) Thanksgiving and congrats on meeting all of the goals! :)