Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Week 2 of the Holiday Hoedown!

Well, we're wrapping up week 2 of the Holiday Hoedown!

I did great with the exercise: 298 minutes!  I didn't meet some of my personal goals, such as getting in a 10-miler before the 1/2 marathon this Sunday (!?!) or getting that 2nd day of strength training in there.  But oh well.

On the days I paid attention, I did fine with the fruit & veggie & fluid intake.  Thanksgiving was wonderful, and although I ate too much, I got a lot of healthy stuff in there.  (I need to be more like my kids - their favorite part of Thanksgiving was the game time after dessert with the grown-ups!  I did enjoy playing catch with my son in the backyard, until dog poo got on the football...and on us.  Ew.  How quickly we forget - I guess I'm still not used to them having a dog, and as we played catch, I caught whiff of a funky smell.  "This ball smells funky!  What IS that?"  There obviously wasn't enough on there to immediately catch my attention.)

It was the days after that were tricky, snack-wise.  We also had a birthday celebration in there for Mr. Handsome & Handy's birthday, so that meant bowling and eating out and cake.  It was lovely!  But I'm back on track as of Monday with the "Tinsel Vixen" food & fluid goals.

Bummed to say I'm up a pound, having hit my *gasp* weight and battled it back down a little.  I really thought I'd see it go down more.  (You mean I'm going to have to have more than 2 on-track days to correct this little problem?  Damn.)  I'm looking over my chart of weight from the past year, and I noticed an interesting trend:  the last time it bobbed up like this - other than a freak surge at the end of April - was back in March, around the time change, and it took about a month to get things regulated again.  Maybe I just get a bit more peckish when the seasons change.  Or it might just be a coincidence, because I didn't see this pattern play out in 2009, and it didn't stop me in 2008 when I was still in fat-loss mode.  Whatever.

So my oh-so-lofty food goal is to refresh my "food training" to the right portion sizes (by weighing, measuring, and calorie tracking for the rest of the "Holiday Hoedown" - in addition to fluid and fruit/veggie goals) and to keep on with the fitness goals (5 days x30 minutes, 2 strength segments of 15 minutes or greater) .  Hopefully, the result will be ending the year within 1 pound of where I started it.  (3 fewer pounds would meet that goal; 4 fewer pounds would see me weighing exactly the same.) P.S. - Oh, and try something new fitness-wise, ala the Week 3 challenge.  I have a Zumba DVD set from the library that's just waiting to be reviewed!

P.S. Forgot to include a blood glucose update!  14-day average was 107, fasting average 102.  All readings for the past 2 weeks were below 120, only 2 were above 110 fasting.  Much improved!  In spite of all the fun weekend stuff.  I guess riding my stationary bike at night has been especially helpful with the morning numbers, much as I don't like to save exercise for the last thing I do in the day.


Brooke said...

i can't wait until my gym has zumba. =)

as for the football...eww!!

Penny said...

Wait, are you diabetic? Your blood sugar is really good! =)

Angela said...

I love Zumba. :D I miss going to my Zumba classes.

Congrats on maintaining your weight!!

Pubsgal said...

@Penny - yes, type 2 diabetes since June 2008. For the past 2 years, I've managed to keep my a1c within my goal range of less than 6%. From what I've read, it's my best chance at staving off complications. Mostly through metformin, regular exercise, and "eating to the meter" - doing what I can to keep my post meal numbers below 140 and my fasting 110 or below. It's not a precise practice, but I do my best.

Lori said...

"You mean I'm going to have to have more than 2 on-track days to correct this little problem? Damn."

This made me LOL for reals. I could have written that.

jaime said...

I need to see if I can find a zumba DVD - that's awesome. And great job on the exercise!!

Trish said...

I agree great job and I wish they had zumba on DVD I would love to try it!

Terri said...

I think there is a Zumba DVD - bot sure how much it is, though! Good job on the sugar!

Biz said...

Love your blood sugar stats! That's terrific.

Happy Friday my friend!