Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weekly Update, 3/16/11: The "Ides of March" Edition

Greetings, all y'all!  Well, it's been an unquiet week-and-a-half in this sector of the Pubsgalaxy, but I'm still here and holding steady with the health & fitness stuff.  And given the alternatives, well, I'm pretty content with that.  Here's the news:
  • Stomach Flu & Tsunami Warnings:  Wednesday night was stomach flu night for Thing 2 (wee girlie isn't going to be wanting Shamrock Shakes for awhile), and then at 4:17 a.m. on Friday morning we got a text message with the tsunami evacuation notice.  I was half-expecting it, since we'd heard the news the night before about the earthquake in Japan.  We're far enough up from the beach that we didn't need to go, but given that there's only one route to the outside world for our neighborhood, we went ahead and drove to the kids' school anyway, because we knew traffic would probably be really, really bad when it was time to go to school, and Thing 1 had a field trip scheduled for that day.  After we got there, we got the news that all the schools in our district were closed (even ours, which wasn't being used as an evacuation site), but the road up to it was choked with traffic, so we ended up spending the morning with some school friends, who kindly took us in and made us coffee and pancakes and let us play with their new corgi puppy (squeeeee!!!).  It ended up being, thankfully for us, a non-event.  I sure wish it had also been that for the people of Japan.  I don't usually follow the news much, but I have been following this one, and it's just mind-boggling and heart-breaking.
  • Big Changes at Work:  I'm still not sure of the full impact, but our smallish company was bought by a really huge company, and our technological distinctiveness is being gradually added to its own.  (Say what you will about assimilation, but I'm sure that this nifty ocular implant is going to come in especially handy. ;-)
  • Little League Opener:  A very bright note during the past week was our celebrating Thing 1's opening day!  The ceremony was very cool:  all the teams were on the field, the mayor threw out the opening pitch, then each team had each player run the bases as the coach introduced the player.  Thing 1's coach did a really nice job announcing them.  Later in the afternoon, their team played their first game.  Mr. H&H and Thing 2 got to watch; our team got first snack bar duty, so with Thing 1's OK, I went ahead and volunteered, but I missed seeing the game.  Thing 1 struck out on his first time at bat, but he hung in there and at his second time, he got a hit and made it to 1st.  Another player got a home run, so Thing 1 got to complete running the bases and scored for his team.  And their team won the game, which was neat, because I think they have a lot of the newer players; all the kids seemed have a nice time, which is the important thing.  So far, we're enjoying the team sports experience.
  • Health Stuff:  Weight is up, but less than 1 pound.  I'm still 5 pounds over where I was maintaining before the holidays.  Blood glucose levels are looking good - for the last 7 days, fasting average is 96, overall average is 97.  (I've been good about taking the fasting numbers, not so good at taking post-meal numbers.)  Fitness-wise, I got at least 30 minutes, 7/10 days. (Not counting the hours-on-my-feet day working the snack bar!) Thank goodness for our stationary bike.  I didn't make it to the gym much last week, and with the rain, it's a great option.  This week is looking a bit better for making it to my gym classes, which is good, because I don't get much strength focus otherwise.  (I was looking back over my Daily Mile log, and it's been a whole MONTH since I made it to my Wednesday class! Which has changed names to "Beach Body."  Oy.  This week there was a substitute instructor, and he was very energetic; I liked the way he incorporated a lot of flexibility stuff in there with the strength moves.  (And I couldn't help but wonder what kind of coffee he drinks?  Gotta get me some of that.  Also gotta get me some hearing protection to keep in my purse, because he played his music way too loud.  Eh!  Darn those kids and their crazy loud music! ;-)
Hope everyone enjoys a wonderful rest-of-the-week and weekend!  And happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow - I need to remember to pick up some corned beef and cabbage at Whole Foods tomorrow!  Or at least some corned beef, I can always make Brussels sprouts to go with it! :-)


Brooke said...

glad that all is well in your neck of the woods - scary stuff huh?

debby said...

Ha--laughed at complaining about the loud music. I always think the same thing as I'm complaining about it.

Wow, didn't know they evacuated Half Moon Bay. I was at work and saw a little of the news--Crescent/Santa Cruz. It looked to me like they were over-reacting, but I guess you never know with the weather. Since I don't have tv, I have been a little incubated from the Japan news.

Its good to hear from you! And glad you are holding steady with all the extra activity around there. It sounds like you are happy about the merger at your job?

Lori said...

Hope the merger goes well. I got squeezed out of a job once from a merger, but that was in the food business where workers are like disposable napkins.

Hooray for team sports being fun! Especially the getting along and having fun. Positive athletic experiences can make such a huge difference for kids.

DebraSY said...

Hooray that you have a good Little League community! Or so it appears. Healthy activity needs a healthy attitude to go with it, or it becomes . . . something else. Congrats to T-1 on the single and the score.

Biz said...

I totally miss this time of year - my daughter played t-ball and softball from age 6 to 14 (the high school coach was a total a-hole, so Hannah didn't play in high school).

It's so sad that part of her life is over already!

Super impressed with your blood sugars still - yesterday I gave myself too much insulin at lunch, completely over estimated the carbs - it was 31 AFTER I ate, so that will tell you how bad it was.

I had pineapple in the work fridge, ate a cup of that, waited 15 minutes - that brought it up to only 45! So I ended up eating 7 POINTS of peanut m&m's, which was how many activity points I earned yesterday - oh well, at least it was a wash!

Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

Terri said...

Haha - resistance is futile, isn't it? Glad the tsunami turned out to be a none-issue for you. Like you, I wish it had been so for the poor people in Japan.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't know you were impacted by a tsunami warning. Yikes! Glad it was a non-event for you.