Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekly Update, 3/7/11: The "Hanging in There" Edition

Well, it was quite the hectic week last week.  Lots of life-swirl, but I'm feeling pretty good about getting through it with mostly-composed spirits.

So how did things go on the health & fitness front?  Just...okay.  I wish I'd gotten more running and strength training in there - I feel like I'm hanging on by my fingertips, and given that I can't even do one pull-up, that's kind of a scary thing.  As you can see, actuals are not exactly what I had on my main plan, but at least I did stuff.

The plus side of the current swirl is that it was kind of nice to not be obsessed with food for a change.  This is where I'd boast about Mr. Handsome-and-Handy and his mad chef skills, but I don't want anyone to hurl while reading this.  Being able to go on healthy eating auto-pilot is helping my blood glucose levels to do well.

So it was nice to finally reach the weekend.  Thing 2 and I got to delight her little shop-a-holic heart and go shopping.  (Mostly errand shopping, but she needed shoes...and what's not to love about getting new shoes?)    The boys got to go to baseball practice - Mr. H&H got to help with practice, and Thing 1 and he got a good workout!  I wish I were more skilled at baseball, but even so, I'd really like to help with one of the practices one of these weekends - not many of the moms help out with the practices, but I think it would be a good thing.

Sunday was drizzly, so it was a flop-at-home day.  We read books and baked cookies (Trader Joe's mix of sugar cookies - not overly tempting, yet satisfied our urge to bake something).  Kind of nice to kick back a little, because with the Little League season starting next weekend, our weekends are going to be off-the-hook crazy until mid-June.

I think I'll close by sharing some photos from our garden.  February was so strange - heat wave followed by cold wave - but no snow at sea-level.  Southern California got our snow, sad to say.  But our plants are doing nicely.  Our camellia bushes usually flower in January, so they were a little late, but we have one that gets light pink and dark pink blossoms - isn't that weird?  My bulbs came up, which was a relief.  I thought the gophers had eaten them all.  We have the ideal climate for calla lilies, and they can get pretty invasive here if you're not careful.

Our mixed-up camellia bush

Isn't this a pretty one?

How could a lovely plant like this be plotting world domination?

Can't wait to see how this one blooms!


Brooke said...

you've got a gorgeous bunch of flowers!!

Lori said...

Glad you are on the opposite side of the hecticness now!

I am alternating between loving those flowers and wanting to cry since we had over a foot of snow last night. I am despairing that we will ever see the ground again.

Terri said...

Hey, I think you're doing great, for what it's worth. Love the flowers - I'm jealous!

Christie O. said...

beautiful flowers!!! and yes! baseball needs a girl or two, get in there girl! (slaps pubsgal on the tush like in a gametime situation LOL)

also, you did great last week getting it in somehow!

debby said...

PUBSGAL!!! So glad to hear from you. That is an admirable amount of exercise in the midst of a very hectic week.

What a nice Mom--shoe shopping, Yay!

And don't you love camellias. So very beautiful, and so undemanding.

Biz said...

okay, I am so jealous of your flowers blooming!

hang in there, hey any exercise is better than none! :D


Sagan said...

That sounds like such a lovely way to spend time with your family! Aw. This made me happy.