Saturday, February 11, 2012

Event Report: Bloggers' Healthy Heart Weekend!

Hurrah!  It's finally Bloggers' Healthy Heart Weekend!

I'm ready!!! 
I think I'll go outside and do a nice...

...uh oh.  Looks like the Weather Fairies didn't get the memo. 


 Oh, *I* know...!  This is a job for...

...Stationary Bike @ Home!
I think I'll try for a new personal "distance" record: 25 miles!

Oooo, haven't watched one of my favorite movies ever in awhile!
This should make the ride much more fun.
Here's the plan:
Stage 1: P8, 30 minutes, moderately hilly
Stage 2: P16, 30 minutes, not super hilly, but high resistance setting on all stages
Stage 3: P9, 30 minutes, long low hill
Stage 4: P1, 20 minutes, easy finish

Stage 1, completed 6.88 miles

Stage 2, completed 6.53 miles
At this point, was feeling a little tired, so I sucked on a tangerine-flavored lollypop

Stage 3, completed 7.39 miles
My seat bones are really feeling it now!

Stage 4, completed 5.17 miles
And it's the end of the movie, what great timing!
Grand total: 25.97 miles in 1 hour, 50 minutes!
(Does this mean I'm ready for that ride to Pescadero?)
photo credits: Thing 2, who arrived home from baseball just in time.  
(Yes, they practice in light rain.)


Lori said...

25 miles on a stationary is insane! LOL. Are you still sane?

Brooke said...

love your picture posts like this - you're too funny :D and *\o/* for you!!!!

Jill said...

Great idea! Looks like you had a pretty good time!

Love that coffee mug, btw!! :)

Juice said...

Way to go!!!

Pubsgal said...

"Still sane?" That kind of assumes I was sane to begin with... ;-) Thanks so much for hosting this event. Lori! It's so much fun!

Helen said...

Oh my goodness, your photo was my favorite of all the participants. Great job - I can't even IMAGINE doing 25 miles on a stationary bike!

debby said...

Wow, I was impressed with my measly 30 minutes on the bike! A whole movie! Wow!! And a ride to Pescadero? That sounds fabulous! I would need to practice a lot more before I could do that!