Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weekly weigh-in: -25 pounds!

Hurrah! I'm down to 240, only 5 pounds more than when I went back to being a desk jockey 3 years ago. I wish I'd taken measurements at the beginning, but I'm down about an inch all over in the past month. Average weight loss has been 2.8 pounds/week.

My long term goal? 143 pounds.
My medium-term goals? Break 200 by end of the year, be "overweight" instead of "obese" by 2/2/2009 (my 41st birthday).
My short-term goal? Survive our family trip without going crazy!!!

I'm a little worried about our Michigan trip. I know everyone will be supportive, there is always plenty to eat, but I'm worried more about (1) keeping up with my exercising and (2) getting quality food and (3) being without my food scale. (Heh, I guess I'm just worried about everything! ;-)

Here's the game plan:
  1. Be okay with maintaining rather than obsessed with losing. As long as I haven't gained, I'm ahead of all our other Michigan trips by at least 5 pounds.
  2. Pack and use the exercise tapes if it's too hot to exercise outdoors. Try to exercise before shower time. OK to skip Wednesday and Saturday, do not skip Monday if our flight leaves in the afternoon.
  3. Keep as active as possible. If there's a choice between sitting or standing, take standing, and add fidgeting.
  4. Insist on going to the grocery store for stocking up on food I need. Cottage cheese for breakfast will be fine, need "veggie tray" veggies at minimum (broccoli, carrots, celery), apples, and Triskets for when I need a whole grain alternative for starch.
  5. Pack the flax!
  6. Portion-wise, err on the side of smaller, except regarding veggies. I'm sure Mom P has some measuring cups.

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