Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Weekly Weigh-in: -28 pounds!

Yeay!!! I've lost over 10% of my starting weight!!!

And, hurrah! I survived the family Michigan trip! I lost 3 pounds and I had as good of control as possible over the numbers. I didn't keep up with my exercise routine, but I was generally active. I didn't eat to plan, but I did skip the obvious offenders and kept my choices low-carb in general. I probably ought to have had more veggies. My splurges: lots of sugar-free popsicles, one double White Castle with middle bun removed, half of a Villa Bakery pizza roll. My only regret is not having stopped in at Uncle Ray's in Fenton for a memorial scoop: the founder, Uncle Ray himself, passed away last month. Especially since I was good and did not drink what I really wanted: a margarita. I stuck to one and a half servings of wine. I felt a little bitter about that (grumble, grumble, how come everyone ELSE gets to drink and eat what they damn well please, grumble grumble), but my sister-in-law's mom was there, and she's diabetic, and she was a poignant reminder of the trouble I'll have if I don't do my best now to get things under control.

Said sister-in-law lent me a fleece jacket (Eddie Bauer, XXL) that she said she doesn't fit anymore (it's too big) and that she also said she had lent to her pregnant sister (who isn't exactly petite either). I like the jacket, but it was a little discouraging to think that I was receiving someone else's "too big" hand-me-downs. It reminded me of how far I have to go, and it seemed to lessen how far I've come already. I know that totally was not her intention, though; she just wanted a good home to a favorite jacket. On the other hand, I know the cost of her struggle with weight & health issues, so I'd better live up to my intention and do the opposite: I now hereby choose to look at it as an inspiration: "she did it; so can I!"

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