Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween and The Secret to Cutting Oneself Off the Candy

No "quotable Friday" last week; I was immersed in Halloween stuff! I took the day off so that I could help out with the kids' school festivities, do pumpkin carving, and not be too burned out from the commute to enjoy the evening. I might do that again next year...whatever day ends up being the day of the school festivities, anyway. Had a blast at Thing 2's preschool: cute costumes, parade, all the good stuff. Mr. Handsome and Handy helped out at Thing 1's school (which I covered last year). Next year they'll be at the same school, so that will go a little easier.

With all the fun day stuff, though, they were kind of wiped out for trick-or-treating. We were out only about 45 minutes or so, and they were done.

Me: "Kids, the night is young! It's a FRIDAY! We can keep going, c'mon!"
Them: "Nah, we just want to go home and eat our candy."
Me: "Well, let's go over to aunt & uncle's house! They give out full-size bars and hardly get any trick-or-treaters!"
Them: "Meh."
(Although I did convince Thing 2 to go, then to cruise around and look at decorations with me for a little while.)

Kids these days, I tell ya...half-full buckets? I would have filled that sucker up and stayed out as long as possible. Full-size bars were the stuff of Halloween legend back in the day. And mine dislike all candy with nuts or caramel or nougat in them, they just like the fruit-flavored candies, gum, and plain chocolate. No Reeses? No Snickers? No Butterfinger, Milky Way, Baby Ruth, or Three Musketeers? *sigh*...Mr. Handsome and Handy happily dispatched the Reeses and Snickers. I budgeted carbs for 2 frozen minis on Saturday and 2 frozen minis and 1 frozen fun-size on Sunday...and the blood sugar was well within range. Yeay! And the rest of the candy rejects are in the work breakroom. I think it helped, too, that I was pretty busy most of the weekend and that I worked out on Saturday evening to the 10 Minute Solutions "Kickboxing Bootcamp" (did all 5) and got in about 15 minutes of Crunch Salsa workout, both on Netflix instant viewing. Liked them both, but I especially liked the Kickboxing one...the dance ones make me feel a bit clumsy.

Oh, yes! I promised something amazing!


Are you ready for it?

Are you sure?


Okay, okay, here it is......


.....more drumroll.....

.....cymbal flourishes and a few bangs on the cowbell.....

Dearest readers, I am delighted to share with you today....


Here it is: Make an appointment with the dentist for some item of major dental work the closest available day after Halloween...or possibly even the morning of Halloween if you want to avoid the candy altogether. While I didn't do it on purpose this time, I'm realizing the true genius of this coincidence now, as I nurse a sore jaw from part 1 of a crown procedure. With said procedure, I'm wearing a temporary tooth, and this does not allow for sticky or hard foods. NO problem there, since even lunch doesn't sound too appealing right now....

Hope everyone enjoyed a Happy Halloween!


MizFit said...

OUCH and, while a good idea, being in the possession of a crown and the lovely temp tooth experience which went with it---Im gonna try and resist my candy the old fashioned way :)

handing bags of it over as I go through the mcdonalds drive through for apples & milk.

what? not everyone does that?!


Anonymous said...

Glad you found my site! Back to the Fridge's Charlie is my brother!

I found your site a long time ago and forgot to bookmark it! Just did, looking forward to checking out your site!

Juice said...

I can so relate to your Halloween rememberances. We would stay out as late as possible to maximize our candy intake! Kids these days, they're soft, I tell ya... ;)