Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weekly Update

First off, Veterans Day greetings. If you have served in the military, are serving, or are the supportive family member of a man or woman in service: you have my heartfelt thanks.

So...time for another weekly update! I'm pleased with the week's progress, even though it did derail somewhat on Friday. I had a doctor's appointment on Thursday and got my flu shot and my tetanus booster. (Otherwise, all is well. My doctor was happy about numbers; she advised that if the holidays got too challenging and my fasting were going up, we had some leeway to increase my metformin dosage, but she thought I was doing fine as-is. I go back in January for next a1c and cholesterol testing.) Not sure if it was a reaction to the shots, or something else, but WHAM! I was wiped out on Friday and ended up staying home and laying around and sleeping. (Not exactly the opposite I'd wanted or planned, but I rolled with it and was fine by the end of the weekend.)

And today, I indulged in a nice bike ride for my morning workout, riding along our coastal trail, since Thing 1's school is on holiday and we didn't need to do the whole morning routine. I haven't been able to do that since the early fall, before the mornings started getting so dark, and it was a great treat.

Progress this week:
7-day blood glucose average: 111 [met goal]; had only one fasting blood glucose at 122 [almost met goal].
Weight: -3 pounds (59 total) [met goal]
Food: 5 meatless low-fat meals and 2 fish meals. [met goal]
Exercise: 4 days of 30+ minutes (and only two runs), 2 arms & abs strength training workout [did not meet goal].
Being sick on Friday and hurt arm from tetanus booster did not help at all [did not meet goal].
Sleep: Met goal of 7 hours/night only one night, but sure made up for it on Friday!

Goals for next week:
7-day blood glucose average goal: <= 120, with morning numbers <120.
Weight goal: Maintain or lose.
Food goals: 4 or more meatless, low-fat meals and 2 or more fish meals. Lighter eating if dinner is after 7 p.m.
Exercise goals: At least 30 minutes of cardio 5 days; 3 days of arms & abs strength training workouts; do at least 3 runs (weather-permitting).
Misc. goals: 7 or more hours sleep/night (which means being in bed before 10 p.m.)


SeaBreeze said...

I'm writing my midterm today, so I will keep this brief. I am glad to see you were able to roll with the changes in your body's needs on Friday and be realistic about your analysis.

I went for a gym session this morning when I had writer block and it definitely helped. It wasn't raining so I should have pushed myself to run outside, but I wasn't motivated for it today. I think I need to sign up for another race because I am not pushing myself in that department anymore.

Juice said...

Rock on! Sounds like a very positive week overall. Congrats on the weight loss!

MizFit said...

(off topic) Im so excited for 40.

beginning the countdown...