Sunday, August 16, 2009

Can a girl have too much eggplant?

I usually don't post on the weekend--I try to disconnect a bit--but I happened to be online printing something, and I felt like writing....

I went a little crazy at the farm stand yesterday, and now I'm facing a mound of produce to cook. I already grilled two eggplants and ate them both. (No one else in my family likes eggplant. Oh darn.) I think I'm going to make a variation of Lynn's vegetable paprikash next. (With cauliflower instead of cabbage, because I bought a big ol' head of cauliflower and forgot about needing cabbage for this one!) Then, what do to with a bunch of kale and a butternut squash? Any ideas?

We enjoyed a really nice time with one of our friends yesterday. It was his birthday, so we bbq'd some steaks and went for a nice walk on the coast trail after dinner (which we needed, desparately). (Our friend happens to be a very talented technical writer, who recently got laid off. If anyone knows an SF Bay Area company that is looking for one, please do let me know. Wish we could hire him at my company!)

Well, off to see what the not-seen and not-heard Things 1&2 are up to right now...usually, I feel comfortable when it's one or the other state, but not both. :-) Hope everyone's having a great weekend!


debby said...

I tend to buy too much produce too, and then I feel pressured to eat/cook it all before it goes bad. When I cook up a stir fry with the veggies, it lasts quite a long time, so that paprikash will probably be the same.

Butternut squash fried--fantastic. Roni has great instructions for cutting up the squash and making the'fries.' Also, I really like it in my macaroni and cheese-that recipe is on my blog. Mmmm, now you've got me dreaming about butternut squash, and I have every vegetable imaginable except butternut squash in my frig!

Christie O. said...

I never knew what Paprikash is, only except from hearing it on When Harry Met Sally! hahahaha!

Juice said...

Yum- I haven't been cooking a lot recently, but this has put me in the mood to play in the kitchen!

Pubsgal said...

All: The veggie paprikash turned out great! I did not follow the recipe exactly (used cauliflower rather than zucchini and bell pepper, leeks instead of onions, and roasted garlic I had in the freezer), but it was great. The only thing I'd do differently is not bother with the leeks. I chopped and rinsed them, and rinsed them again, and I'm still chomping on the occasional grain of sand. :-/ I'd go with either a combo of green/regular onion or shallots.

Debby: I tried roasting butternut squash, but not with Roni's recipe. I'll have to try it.

Christie O.: I'm proud to say there was not too much pepper in my paprikash, and there was no partaking of pecan pie. (Oh, I'd forgotten that WHMS reference! Love that movie!!!)

Juice: The same thing happened to me, I'd been reading all of these blogs with their yummy recipes, and I went a little nutso at the farm stand.

Foodie McBody said...

This post made me LOL. I am the only person in my family who loooooooves eggplant. We should get together for an eggplant feast one day!