Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Weekly update, 8/11/09

What's new?

I have to give a shout-out about Christie O's "Monday Mantra" post this week. The last paragraph sums up beautifully how I felt on my bike ride yesterday morning, and why I decided to play a little "freestyle Scrabble" with my kids after I got back, and why I stopped for some gourmet coffee after the post office this morning on the way to work. (And why this is going to be a short post! :-)

Progress last week

7-day blood glucose average: 100 (met goal of less than 120)
7-day fasting blood glucose average: 98 (met goal of less than 120)

Weight goal: +.6 (did not meet goal)

Food goals:
- Got in 4 meatless meals and 2 fish meals. Wow!
- It's official: I have ditched the coffee goal! Calorie-wise, the coffee goal was like picking at a splinter in my little finger (half-and-half) while ignoring the timber lodged in my arm (nuts).
- Getting there with fiber; 4/7 days were over 30.

Exercise goals: Met my exercise goals, except for one run. Here's what I did...
- Tuesday: Spin class
- Wednesday: BodyPump class
- Thursday: Swim
- Friday: Active rest; set up/clean up at company picnic.
- Saturday: Two segments of a new DVD I bought, "10 Minute Solutions: Dance It Off and Tone It Up," picked because a friend of mine was enjoying it and it had a resistance band, which I wanted for future travel strength exercises. (The title made me chuckle. How can I "tone it up" if I've already "danced it off?") I did the abdominal dance segment, which reminded me of how challenging I find highly choreographed workouts (my midriff hurt!), and the upper-body toning (which I ended up doing more with my hand weights than the resistance band...Thing 2 confiscated it and used it mostly as a jump rope).
- Sunday: Walking at the Seymour aquarium in Santa Cruz and "playout" at the park with push-ups and hanging from the bars...I did manage to shrug myself up a teensy bit. Someday, I will do a pull-up!
- Monday: 14-mile bike ride and 5 minute jog. (I've done spin/treadmill bricks, but it feels very different after a real ride!) It took 1 hour and 20 minutes, but I really enjoyed it (sunny weather makes a difference!) and I felt like I could have ridden much longer.

Misc. goals: Did well getting back on track with the sleep this week.

Goals for this week

7-day blood glucose average goal and fasting numbers: below 120.
Weight goal: Maintain or make progress toward goal.

Food goals:
- Keep tracking.
- 4 or more meatless, low-fat meals and 2 or more fish meals.
- Track fiber. Minimum 30 grams fiber/day. (Include both insoluble and soluble sources.)

Exercise goals:
Minimum of 30 minutes of workout 5 days/week, with 1 spin class, 1 BodyPump class, 1 swim, and 1 run.

Misc. goals:
- 7 or more hours sleep/night.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a lot of exercise - you are doing great on your goals!! It always makes me smile when I see your glucose numbers! :D

Lori said...

You are doing so great with your goals! Really inspiring!

Pubsgal said...

Thanks, gals! :-)

Christie O. said...

hey thanks for the shout out! sorry so late!! haha! you're so right about those bricks and great job doing them on the real bike. because i didn't. and i paid for it. it is VERY different going from the real bike to the real ground as opposed to from the spin bike to the treadmill. That's one mistake I won't be making this time around! Good for you! makes me laugh about the dancing off and toning up too, you have a point!!!!