Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weekly update, 8/18/09

What's New?

Stress, that's what's new...well, not exactly new, but I've been feeling deeply stressed lately, and it's not like me. Part of it is anticipating the start of the school year. While the kids are looking forward to it, I'm feeling anxious about it. Probably because it's a change in our routine: new place, farther away, and will Thing 1 have another crummy school year or will it go okay this time? It's going to take some time to get adjusted to waking up earlier (ugh) and figuring out how I'm going to get my exercise fit into my days. Sometimes I feel like I'm barely making it exercise-wise, and that's not how I want to feel. I want to feel strong, confident, and powerful! Capable of leaping tall buildings at a single bound! Or at least capable of making it across the finish line at the triathlon next month before everyone packs up and heads home.

Not sure why (probably stress, etc.), but suffice it to say, my food choices took a nose-dive. I know better, and yet I ate a bunch of garbage foods. I made lots of good choices in there, but I need to buckle down and ease back on the fat and salt and non-nutritive carb choices. Why does it feel hard sometimes to just stick with the bleepin' PLAN already??? I guess it's a good reminder (aside from what the scale says) of how physically bad it feels for me to eat too much of those things: I feel puffy and bloated, and yesterday I had a headache. I haven't had a headache in a long time, but running helped.

Sorry to be so negative, when things really could be worse (and are for so many people), but I guess I just felt like sharing. It's not always sunshine & rainbows & heaving pectoral muscles (you've got to imagine that last bit intoned ala our California governor for best effect) up in here, but they'll be back (<-that part you do NOT need to imagine intoned ala our California governor. ;-)

Progress last week

7-day blood glucose average: 106 (met goal of less than 120)
7-day fasting blood glucose average: 106 (met goal of less than 120)

Weight goal: +1.8 (did not meet goal...and with last week's gain, I'm +2.4 lbs above my recent low. *sigh*...)

Food goals:
- Got in 4 meatless meals and 3 fish meals. Wow!
- Getting there with fiber; at least 5/7 days were over 30. (I didn't track much over the weekend, so I might have gotten there on Sunday, too.)

Exercise goals: Well, got in a little something nearly every day. Missed one swim and a proper bike workout. Here's what I did...
- Tuesday: 40 minute run and 20 minute dog walk.
- Wednesday: BodyPump class
- Thursday: 60 minutes total; walked the dog, did the 15 minute Dance Express video and 8 minute yoga segment ("runners") on the "Yoga Conditioning for Athletes" DVD. (I like this DVD. There's one really long segment, which I've only done part of, and a bunch of "mini" segments targeted for various sports. Very peaceful and doable for beginners.)
- Friday: Active rest; played with kids at the incoming Kindergartners' evening picnic.
- Saturday: Walk on the coast trail after dinner with family and our visiting friend.
- Sunday: Rode my bike 2.6 miles (round trip) to pick up breakfast for the family.
- Monday: 40 minute treadmill run at the gym and some arm strength exercises with weights.

Misc. goals: Met the sleep goal, although it's been somewhat interrupted, since we're working on getting Thing 2 to sleep in her own bed all night. She starts out there, but she developed the habit of wandering over in the middle of the night.

Goals for this week

7-day blood glucose average goal and fasting numbers: below 120.
Weight goal: Maintain or make progress toward goal.

Food goals:
- Keep tracking.
- 4 or more meatless, low-fat meals and 2 or more fish meals.
- Track fiber. Minimum 30 grams fiber/day. (Include both insoluble and soluble sources.)

Exercise goals:
Minimum of 30 minutes of workout 5 days/week, with 1 spin class, 1 BodyPump class, 1 swim, and 1 run.

Misc. goals:
- 7 or more hours sleep/night.


FitnessSurfer said...

PMS caused my food choices to plummet. It must be stress season. I haven't had money stresses for a while and now we're on a consistent budget...good until the inconsistent happens =) Still very blessed, and working hard to keep stress away by relaxing, exercising, working, and organizing. We'll see how it goes.

Lori said...

{hugs} - did you pull thoughts from my head? I am going through the same exact feelings as you are right now. Stress, stress, stress!

This, too, shall pass, right?

Christie O. said...

seriously girl, i think it's a general slump! i don't know what it is but i can barely fit in my workouts, things are so busy, i can't seem to get it together! maybe it's a low and we gotta take the highs and the lows equally, right? i don't know. i'm sure you'll make it across the finish line, don't worry about that! just keep your chin up and your legs movin...!


debby said...

Pubsgal! I am glad you shared your woes. It really helps to see that others whom I think of as 'having it all together ' also struggle with poor food choices. I think it makes us all stronger in the long run.

And am I the only one who got a BIG LAUGH out of reading your comments a la Arnold??? That was hilarious!

carla said...

the change in routine---FOR ME---is often less difficult than all the freakin anticipation of the change in routine.

hang in there.
so many of us are where you are right now...

Juice said...

Saying a prayer for Thing 1 and the new teacher. Hopefully this will be a fantastic year for everyone!

Don't beat yourself up, just get back on that horse. You can do it! I have to agree with Miz, sometimes anticipation is the worst part! Remember Matt 6:34:

"So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."