Friday, September 24, 2010

Go, SuperBoo, Go!

*clang*! *clang*! *clang*! *clang*!

Why, what's that sound I hear...?

Could it be...?

The clarion call of cow bells....?

(Because heaven knows, you can never have enough cow bell.)

It's the sound of me ringing my virtual cow bell. (because I really did price cow bells at the local feed store - yes, we have one in semi-rural coastal San Francisco Bay Area - and those puppies were expensive!).

For whom does the cow bell clang?

Why, for SuperBoo (aka Brooke of Smart + Strong = Sexy), who is racing in her first triathlon this weekend!!!  She isn't just any tri newbie - she is racing after having to cancel her originally scheduled tri debut, overcoming extreme adversity, healing, training, and coming back to DO this thing!

Please pop over to her blog and wish her the best of luck!

(Ooo, I'm getting teary and excited for her, just thinking about it!  Good luck, SuperBoo!!!)


Brooke said...

you're gonna make me cry now! i'm going to dehydrate before the race even begins.

*big hugs*

Pubsgal said...

Right back atcha, girlfriend!
(Now go drink some water.)


Jill said...

I have a fevah, and the only more cowbell!!!

Good luck Brooke!!!

Lori said...

I'll stop by and cheer her on!