Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weekly Update, 9/22/10

I am...

Surprised and delighted to try a pair of compression tights from Zensah!  I have MizFit and Suzanne, the rep from Zensah, to thank for this.  In case you missed it, Zensah sponsored a sports bra giveaway on MizFit's blog, and the price of entry was feedback on your greatest sports bra lament.

Well, I felt moved to verse, mainly to make Miz laugh.  But also because heaven knows I've given plenty of thought to what makes the ideal sports bra *for me*, and I'm not shy about sharing.  (Although they are not mentioned in the poem, it is also sort of a lament, because Glamorise no longer makes my favorite sports bra, nor do they seem to have one just like it anymore.)  In case you missed it, here's the poem:
Zensah sports bras? Alas!
They don’t have my size.
Their Seamless Tights, though,
Look just right for my thighs.

But what qualities in a sports bra
Does this zaftig tri-girl seek?
Must support like a fortress
And of the nipples, no peek.

I like one front-hooking,
With a racer back sturdy.
Uniboob is okay;
I’m not trying to be flirty.

The straps must not slip
Off the shoulders or chafe.
Wickability’s a must!
And size? Opposite-of-waif.

(I’ll pass on an entry;
But thanks, MizFit and Zensah!
Hope those wonderful giveaways
Make some others sigh, “Ahhh!”)
Wouldn't ya know, Miz forwarded this to Suzanne, who kindly offered to let me try some of their tights! I got them this week, ripped open the package, and wore them all evening on Monday. Com-fy! I also wore them during one of my training runs on Tuesday, and they felt fantastic.  I think there is some more rhyming in my future, after I've given them a wash and tried them out again. I think the real test will be wearing them to CardioSculpt class, because my legs are usually sore for days after that one. (Compression is supposed to help with that sort of thing.)

Oh yeah.  I guess this needs an FTC needs to be in those?
Zensah sent me tights.
Freely, I wear and review.
(Did I do this right?)
Getting geared up to start knitting a doggie sweater!  Stay tuned for some photos from Project Chloe Grace!  I bought some yarn, and analyzed the pattern, and the next step is to knit up a gauge swatch.  I just started testing out the novelty yarn that I was thinking of using for the collar.  It's interesting, that's for sure, if a little awkward, but I think it will work.  I hope it turns out looking as cute in real life as it does in my head!

Excited for Sagan!  Her blog, "Living Healthy in the Real World," was nominated for a "has been nominated in the "Health Resource – Social Media category" for the 2010 Canadian Natural Health Awards! I'm just bummed that I can't vote for her blog - but if you live in Canada, YOU can!  Check out the orange banner on the left side of her blog's page.

But I can vote for Biz!  She's entered Foodbuzz’s "Project Food Blog" contest. If you want to vote, too, go to Biz's contestant page, and then click the little "Vote" tag in the "My Challenges" widget. Good luck, Biz! (And wheee-whooo, check out that apron!)

Having a great workout week!

Staying healthy!  Aside from a donut-y detour (154!) saved by a quick pedal on my stationary bike (back to 122 after 10 minutes at moderate intensity), the numbers are good:  7-day fasting of 99 and 7-day average of 104.  Weight is down .2 pound.  Try not to be overwhelmed by this.

Using too many exclamation points!  But I can't seem to help myself!!!!!

I want to...

Keep trusting the training

Keep knitting

Keep the health numbers good


Charlotte said...

Woohoo! Glad you are having fun with the running tights! Having well-fitting clothes always helps me feel better. And run faster. Or maybe that's just the cape;)

debby said...

That poem is priceless!

What do you think? After you gave in, and treated yourself to the hamburger and cupcake, it seems like you were able to move on and get some workout mojo back. Related?

Brooke said...

you are so stinkin funny and creative. is it any wonder i <3 you so much?

Christie O. said...

You deserved something awesome for that poem, girl!! woohoo on the compression tights! i sooo want a pair! after I reviewed a pair of socks and realized THEY WERE FANFREAKINTASTIC I knew I needed something for the derrier too! So can't wait to hear about the cardio sculpt class results!
Great job this week girlie!

Anonymous said...

Ooh - those tights sound neat. But mostly I'm excited about Project Chloe Grace! I know she's going to make me read your post to her tonight... She just gets so excited!

Sagan said...

Awww thanks for the excitement :D

"Keep the health numbers good": I like it.

(And your poem is so cute! So nice that you got the tights).

MizFit said...