Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day 4: Road to Nowhere

Report from Monday, Day 4:

Today I did my workout at lunch: the treadmill. (I know, in the figurative sense, it's not really a "road to nowhere" in the fitness quest, but it seemed like the obvious-but-catchy title for today.)

I did the fat-burning program for 35 minutes, although I found using the machine's sensors a bit annoying after awhile when running (unlike the recumbent bike, on which there's nothing else to do with one's hands). I think, whatever I decide about gym membership, I'm going to have to get my own heart rate monitor. *sigh*...more gadgetry.

I disembarked with post-treadmill syndrome: the sensation that the ground was still rolling beneath me. Sort of like getting off the Tea Cups at Disneyland and having the world continue to revolve. Luckily there was not the same urge to stagger drunkenly.

I ventured upstairs into the Land of the Buff (the room with all the free weights, weight machines, and other instruments of pain and delight). There was a woman at the top of the stairs working with a trainer, and I gave them wide berth to avoid getting whacked with the ball weight thingy. I circled around and found the rack with the 8 pound hand weights. I did some of my usual exercises. I decided to skip the floor exercises until tonight. Frankly, I don't feel too keen about anyone except Mr. Handsome-and-Handy seeing me lay on the floor all sweaty and panting and flailing my arms and legs around in the air. Exercise can be so unintentionally...intimate.

One cool thing about the Land of the Buff: There are treadmills upstairs, and they overlook our nice office neighborhood rather than the ginormous TVs. I'll have to remember those for next time.

I'm not sure I like using my lunch time for working out. But it was nice to have the option.


SeaBreeze said...

The ball weighty thing was probably a kettle bell. Charlotte over at "the great fitness experiment" did a whole month with them. Apparently, they add more "momentum" and "instability" to the movements.

Fitness Surfer said...

That’s a great idea. On the treadmill I just hold on every now and then to make sure I’m not to high or too low. For what ever reason my shins give out before my heart rate gets to high, but a monitor would definitely help. For now I can do with out, but that goes on the “wants” list.

Pubsgal said...

SeaBreeze: Yes! That's what it was. And I could definitely see how it was adding "momentum" and "instability" to the movements...I thought that gal and her kettle ball were going to launch like a shot put! (As I probably would have actually done if in her shoes.)

Fitness Surfer: I think if I'd chosen a different workout, the machine would not have nagged me every 5 seconds for a reading. I haven't researched price, so it may be sitting on my wish list for awhile, too. :-)

MizFit said...

oooh Id forgotten the tea cups!

now I need to get to disney.
it has ben faaaar too long :)

(lemmie know if you want my kettle bell video link!)