Monday, December 15, 2008

"Quest for"...if not "Greatness" then "Motivation"

As I've blathered on about before, training for an event makes a huge difference in my motivation. So I'm really excited about Christie O.'s latest challenge on her Baby Tea Leaves web site: The Baby Tea Leaves Quest for Greatness! Her last challenge was a weight-loss challenge called "Hot for the Holidays"...which was fun and popular, but I was really amped by the new challenge's focus on fitness. However, the newly-converted fitness zealot in me is wondering: where the heck did all the HFH participants go? Christie left it very open-ended: choose an athletic event (or fitness goal) to train for, then do the training and enjoy the byproduct of better health and fitness. Not like people had to commit to running marathons or doing an Ironman...although, admittedly, it's easier to find events and to train in places like her Florida and my Northern California than in the more winter-bound places. But the "no rules" rider certainly leaves it open to looking for something in the spring....

Anyway, I've committed: I just registered for a 5K run on President's Day (2/16/09). I had decided, after running the Pumpkin Run, that I wanted to race at least once per quarter. This challenge was a nice kick in the posterior for getting me to find a race and to register. And I found one really close to home! I also registered for a race I'd found awhile ago, the "See Jane Run Half-Marathon and 5K". (Just the 5K...not quite at half-marathon level yet.) I'll freely admit that I chose it only for the slogan: "I run for chocolate and champagne." I can't wait to get that t-shirt! It's a bit of a drive away, so it sure wasn't for the location. Not sure what I'm doing for the July/August/September time frame, but definitely rounding out Q4 with the Pumpkin Run again. Maybe I'll be up for a 10K by then...we'll see!

That said, speaking of "fitness" and "motivation," I have to confess something shameful. Thing 2 wanted to do an exercise video with me on Sunday, and I flaked. My reason? Oh, this is so lame, I'm cringing as I type it: I'd showered late, and I didn't want to get all sweaty again. Yes, I told you it was lame. Not simply lame, but a horrible example for Thing 2, who proceeded to geek out playing multiplayer "Midtown Madness" with Thing 1 while I graded papers for Thing 1's teacher. I resolve to NOT flake on offspring-initiated fitness again!


SeaBreeze said...

Those sound like some great races and a solid source of motivation. I am mixing my running up for 2009 as I have tackled 5K, 8K, and 10K distances this year. The See Jane Run 1/2 Marathon looks cool, but I am aiming for the end of June for my 1/2 debute.

Good for your children for taking initative and trying to model your good habits. I am sure you'll place that as a priority next time, so don't beat yourself up over it. I take my mom to the gym once a week these days and its really helping her form. It helps me because she only does weights and I flake in that department.

Fitness Surfer said...

I'm still not up for running. That's why i set my surfing goal. It just sounded more fun then running. However a 5k is next on the list after surfing. That, and rock climbing, skiing, swimming, and much more.

MizFit said...

yeah Im totally gonna address the not wanting to resweat thing.

I HAVE BEEN THERE. often in this hot place I call home.


happens to the best of us and youre the best of us.

Juice said...

I can totally relate to not wanting to re-sweat myself. Getting showered and dressed is one of my LEAST favorite things to do! So much so that I get a little thrill when I can make it through a day without having to shower! Yep, I'm a dirty girl. But now that everyone is concerned about the environment, I'm not being dirty. I'm simply trying to save the environment by conserving fresh water. Ha ha!

PS Thanks for all your encouragment on my blog!!!! I always love getting comments from you. :)

Joy's Journey in Weightloss said...

You won't flake. Look how much you have accomplished! Keep going!! The resweat issue is less ridiculous than my "already in my jammies" state and not wanting to change into my workout clothes. Resweat and prosper!