Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 5: You Spin Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round...

Tuesday was Day 5, my final day of the trial offer at the gym. Analysis and decision to be posted later....

Oh. My. Aching. Quads! Here's another instance where the class name was a misnomer. Doesn't "spinning" sound so carefree and playful? Don't let the title fool you: it was intense. It was 45 minutes. My thighs may never be the same....

Random observations:
- There is no coasting in the Spin class, figuratively or literally. When you stop pedaling, you don't coast; you risk snapping off your foot.
- I liked the music. The tempo is really fast, too. Was that Alvin & the Chipmunks singing "The Freaks Come Out at Night?"
- As SeaBreeze predicted, spinning made me reeeeally sweaty. Glad I brought my towel!
- It also made my thighs burn until I realized I probably ought to slow it down just a touch if I was going to last the whole class. (I'd say that if the instructor was at 100%, I was performing at about 60%.)
- I liked how the instructor made sure everyone's machine was adjusted properly.
- Dang, those bike seats are HARD! That must be part of why there's so much standing and pedaling.
- Would I do it again? Definitely! What a workout!


Fitness Surfer said...

I haven’t done a spin class in a long time. The towel thing was a good tip. I remember the sweat just dripping off me.

I learned that the people who go regularly have gel seats that they bring to slip on the seat before class begins. Their sold at local sporting good stores. I even think the sports department at Sears has them to. They run around $20. Not to add the ongoing list of things to buy =)

SeaBreeze said...

I forgot to warn you that the seat can leave you bruised. Opps. Sorry about that. I'm glad you tried spinning. Would you do it again? Was it packed? I am going to the gym with my mom tomorrow after work and am going to accompany her to a "Foam Roller" stretching class because its important to her and it couldn't hurt my training. I wanted to do the "Old School Cardio Class"

MizFit said...

Im not a sinner.

as I am a sinner and not a SPINNER :)

my arse and hoohah :) get too sore.
and I quit.
it's not pretty.

Pubsgal said...

Fitness Surfer: Were I do to spinning regularly, I'd invest. What Miz said about arse and hoohah.

SeaBreeze: Yep, I'd do it again. The class seems popular; all but one or two bikes in the room were full (I'm guessing about 20 bikes in a rather small space), and they offer the class a few times a day.

Side note: Also noticed some chafing on my arms, above the elbow, from the part where you lean forward over the handlebars. That part of my arms was rubbing against the bars. I'd probably wear long sleeves or some sort of arm protection.

Lyn said...

I don't exactly "spin"... but I do love my recumbent exercise bike! I keep up a pretty good pace and enjoy it a lot. It does work the legs!

Congrats on onederland! And thank you for being such a supportive friend and leaving me positive comments and hugs. Especially this week, when I needed them the most!

Christie O. said...

ok i'm impressed! i have been intimidated by spinning classes but i sooo have been wanting to do one! i'm going to! i am!! you've inspired me!!! good for you!!!

Anonymous said...

I hate those bike seats too!

Happy Monday!