Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Weekly update, 12/16/08

Whew! Busy week, and it's only Tuesday night! I'm sorry I haven't responded to everyone's comments yet, but I read them and sure do appreciate the support. Thanks!!!

Today alone: we've been watching the weather, and we found out this morning that there was snow up in the Santa Cruz mountains, not too far from where we live! So we pulled Thing 1 out of the first two hours of school this morning and took a "snow detour." It was great! Thank goodness Mr. Handsome-and-Handy is originally from snow country in the midwest, I'm a total wuss when it comes to winter driving. About 4 miles up Hwy 35, the snow was falling and the towering pines and redwood trees were thickly frosted with snow.
Me: "Wow! This is like being in a snow globe!"
Thing 1 (yes he actually says stuff like this): "It's a Winter Wonderland!"
Thing 2: "We didn't bring carrots for the snowman's nose!"
Mr. Handsome-and-Handy, ever the realist: "Well, I'm not sure there will be enough to build that big of a snowman..."
But there was about 3 inches on the ground, so plenty for a little snow fun: snowball fights, eating snow, making snowmen.

Last week was kind of weird...I completed my last 2 days of the gym trial. I've been kind of on the fence about joining, frankly...would it be a good investment? Would I use it enough? Would I use it a lot at first, then let it languish? On the other hand, monthly membership is only $29.95, which is less than we pay for Thing 1 and Thing 2's monthly dance lesson bill. We could save on our water bill if I use the gym first thing in the morning before work, too. I resolve to definitely decide one way or another this week. Plus we just got an indoor exercise bicycle--I love it, since we live in a flat area and it simulates hills in the preprogrammed workouts. Generally, I've had a mental block about spending money on fitness stuff; hence working out at home and garage sale hand weights. I worried that doing so would somehow "jinx" me fitness-wise. Then I realized that sheesh, that kind of thinking after 6 months of consistency is a bit ridiculous.

I was also fighting the tail end of my cold last week, which is why I think I just didn't do any exercise on Wednesday morning...the previous day's spin class kicked my posterior more soundly than I thought! I did run on Friday, which felt good. I hadn't run outdoors for over a week.

I learned something interesting on Monday: rice, even brown rice, really bumps up my blood glucose levels. I ate a 7-ounce box of brown rice+salmon+avocado sushi yesterday for lunch, and a bunch of grilled veggies--healthy, right? And had a level of 150 2 hours later, which is a post-meal level I haven't seen in quite awhile. Rice goes back on the "handle with care" list, along with corn. Haven't had that problem with either oatmeal or with wheat items (such as my flax bread), or with potatoes.

Oh, and last night? Thing 2 suggested that we do an exercise video. Yeay! I could redeem myself after all. We got about halfway through segment 1 of the 10 Minute Solutions Kickboxing Bootcamp (aka, "The One with the Blonde Lady Who Boxes"). Thing 2 admired the instructor's well-defined arm muscles, did a few moves, then got bored and wandered off. Baby steps, friends, baby steps...

Progress last week:
7-day blood glucose average: 107 (met goal of 120 or lower, but had the one post-meal reading of 150)
Fasting blood glucose: last 7 days were less than 120; average was 107.
Weight: -1 pounds (met goal of maintain or lose)
Food: 4 meatless low-fat, 2 fish meals. (met goal)
Exercise: 30+ minutes cardio 4/5 days, only one run. 2 days of arms and abs strength training. (Missed cardio goal by one day, strength by one day.)
Misc: Accomplished about half the week on the sleep goal (4/7 days with 7+ hrs. sleep). Signed up for my Q1 and Q2 2009 races, have selected my Q4 race but not my Q3. I think I've got some time. :-)

Goals for this week:
7-day blood glucose average goal and fasting numbers: below 120.
Weight goal: Maintain or lose.
Food goals: 4 or more meatless, low-fat meals and 2 or more fish meals. Lighter eating if dinner is after 7 p.m.
Exercise goals: At least 30 minutes of cardio 5 days; 3 days of arms & abs strength training workouts; do at least 2 runs, weather permitting (decreased amount because weather did not permit for the first 2/5 days and we're supposed to have more rain. Weather-permitting=not raining and temperature over 40 degrees).
Misc. goals: 7 or more hours sleep/night. Make final decision about whether or not to join the gym.


SeaBreeze said...

Just a question, as I think your goals for this week are ambitios and very healthy... is 5 cardio and 2 strength sessions realistic when you factor in all the pre-christmas fun that I am sure you have scheduled?

As for the gym, if you don't know if you'll use it try for a few weeks without it and see if you miss it, perhaps. I LOVE my gym, especially when we are sitting in 6+ inches of snow as we currently are. I miss my road runs though, the treadmill isn't the same.

Pubsgal said...

Not so much going on for us this week on the week days, but I'll definitely take your advice for next week. We'll be heading to my parents' on Christmas day for the long weekend, and I'm not sure how much working out I can get in while on the road. (We'll definitely be active: there's a really great recreational pool in their town, and the kids will keep us on our toes.)

Good tip about the gym, too. You know, I think I am missing it a bit. Workout videos are convenient, but I know I'm not getting as good of a workout from them as I would from a class.

Fitness Surfer said...

Completely understand. I’m just barley getting around to reading your post.

Wow! I’m impressed. This last week I’ve just been maintaining and keep debating taking a few days off for Christmas. Then I realize that “what I want more is…” to reach my Holliday Goal. What a great present to myself. I’m going to find a way to make it happen. Thanks for the reminder, and motivation.

MizFit said...

huh. interesting about the brown rice! what kind was it? brownbrown or white with a spray tan?

just curious!

Juice said...

MizFit cracked me up.

Pubsgal, awesome job with your goals this week. Whodathunk brown rice would cause a spike like that?? It's terrific that you are monitoring carefully and learning what works best for you.

All the best with your gym decision. I elected to give up the gym when I realized that I was barely using it. $60 a month was too rich for my blood, especially if I wasn't using or enjoying it! I'm happier hiking or walking outside, and I can use the money I saved on the gym on classes that really intrigue me. I'm investigating a hooping class for 2009. :)

PS Congrats on the weight loss!!!

Pubsgal said...

MizFit: That made me chuckle, too. I'm pretty sure it was the real deal, the grains were thick. (And it was from Whole Foods...do they even *sell* anything with white rice? ;-)

Fitness Surfer: Thanks! I especially liked your post about "appropriate selfishness" today, too. I really struggle with that myself. What I'm wondering how to do is better support my husband in developing that. He's our at-home parent, so we need to make sure his "oxygen mask is firmly in place," as they say on the airplanes. (I know, I was our at-home parent for 4 years myself, and that was when Thing 2 was *easy* temperament-wise, although much more labor-intensive.)

Juice: I like the outdoors better, too. If this gym was $60/month, I'd definitely pass and look for classes. "Hooping" class? What's that about? Sounds intriguing!

Joy's Journey in Weightloss said...

I hope your focus on exercise and strength training will rub off on me. You are doing so well!