Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Food Find!

I usually don't get this excited about a new food find, but oh my stars, what I found today! You know I have a deep love of Greek-style plain yogurt. Well, while shopping for lunch at Whole Foods today, I decided to brave a little agave nectar in the ingredients and test the intriguing "Siggi's" yogurt.

I chose the orange and ginger flavor. It is hea-ven-ly (if you like that combo): orangey (but not overpoweringly so) and extremely tart, but with a hint of sweetness (which I love!), and there were little candied ginger bits. (No actual fruit bits, though, from reviews I've read of the other flavors; this could be a good or a bad thing, depending on how "chunky" you like your flavored yogurt.) Consistency-wise, it's like Fage, very thick and creamy but no fat. (From what I've read on the site and the nutritional info, it seems identical to Greek-style yogurt.) I know there are flavored Greek-style yogurts, but they have higher sugar content than I want, so I usually mix my own with fresh fruit and no sweetener. However, Siggi's had only 10 grams of sugar (12 grams carb total). It was kind to my blood glucose levels: 1 hour post-consumption it went from 87 to 101 (+14), which works for me. This being a rest day, my result was not mitigated by a workout.

When I want my plain yogurt with fresh fruit, I will still bargain shop for my plain Greek-style yogurt; but this will be a really nice treat now & then.

P.S. - Cruising the web, I found a fun write-up of Siggi and his yogurt on "The Amateur Gourmet." Hmmm...pineapple+cilantro yogurt smoothies? Interesting...

P.P.S. - No, I was not compensated for this review. (Though if they ever wanted me to host a giveaway, I'd be delighted.)


Lori said...

Sounds yummy! I love to sweeten my own Fage as well, although sometimes I just get the vanilla and be done with it. All other flavors are way too sweet for me.

Cilantro? Icks. I do not like that herb at all.

David of Westport. CT said...

I totally agree, siggi's is the most delicious european style yogurt I can get in America. It's super thick. Fage has become whipped with air and is mousse-like, I think they're saving money on their milk yield and we can tell.

Anonymous said...

I'm adding this to my list the next time I head to Whole Paychecks! ;) Sounds delish.