Thursday, August 28, 2008

True or False: Does most of the weight we lose come straight off our busts?

There I was, standing in front of the mirror after my shower, feeling a little sad at the state of the girls. "Wouldn't ya know it...I always lose it straight from the bust!" I growled. But looks can be deceiving, so I decided to put this weight loss myth to the test. (Yes, the show Mythbusters is huge in our house...Thing 1 wants to be Jamie or Adam.)

So, I got out my measuring tape. And I measured. Well, well, well!

"You're not really going to share your measurements, are you?"

Well...(*gulp*)...yes. In the name of Science!

"Are you nuts?"


Myth confirmed! I really DO lose it more from the bust than anywhere else. Poor girls! I'll have to cheer them up and get them a pretty new bra or something. But real science types would hardly call my results conclusive...any challengers to these findings?


Anonymous said...

looks down at tinytatas.


not gonna try and refute your study here.

M. Lose 55 Pounds said...

lol...perfect given part of my post! I will say though that mine just recently starting deflating. They decided to start shrinking about 2 weeks AFTER I spent $70 on new bras since the wires in my old ones were poking through. Hmmm....maybe I shouldn't have bought them, huh? lol.... But ya, the last 5 pounds seem to have been strictly from my chest. I was a pretty full D and now I'm a normal C. I'm actually fine with's the hubs who is a bit sad!

Pubsgal said... lose 80 pounds, you've added an important corollary: significant shrinkage occurs ONLY after you've invested a significant amount of money in new bras! :)