Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Food Columnist's Sensible Weight Loss Story on

"Roving Feast columnist becomes diet outlaw,", October 1, 2008

Definitely worth a read, and Marlena Spieler described doing something that has helped me, too: reading the blogs of those who have lost weight and are maintaining their loss.
"Instead of torturing myself with yet another diet of self-defeat, I decided to take an informal survey of "naturally slim" people or people who had lost weight and kept it off. I was assembling a collection of inspirational people, a group I came to consider my gurus and goddesses. All I had to do was open my eyes and pay attention."
The article describes how she sensibly lost her 150 pounds. Lots of yummy recipes and snack ideas, too.

One tip, "Try to always eat less than anyone else at the table," made me laugh. Some evenings our dainty Thing 2 eats 3 tiny bits of meat, 2 bites of broccoli, then plays with the rest...I'd be seriously skinny. Although, come to think of it, that's how my mom eats, and she has always been quite slender, so maybe there's something to it. Then there's my petite sister-in-law: "Oh, I'm STARVING!!! Feed me NOW!!!" [eats 3 bites] "Stuffed, no thanks, couldn't eat another bite."

Another tip, "Eat from tiny plates," is a good one. I use our dinner set's salad plates, although at dinner I like to have a little more room for my veggies. Other meals, often as not will grab Thing 1's plastic Spiderman plate or Thing 2's Disney Princess plate. Or put my serving of chili in a Baby Einstein bowl rather than a soup bowl makes it look like I'm getting more AND sure gets me in touch with my inner child....

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MizFit said...

"Try to always eat less than anyone else at the table,"

huh. you know I have a few thoughts on that.


I shall nicely keep em to myself as I havent yet read the entire article!