Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why do we sometimes do the OPPOSITE of what we should?

I'm contemplating one of the compelling mysteries of life this morning: why do we sometimes or often do the OPPOSITE of what we know we need to do for our health?

Here's a real-life example: Yesterday I decided to be accountable and posted my nutritional challenge. I felt...well, if not fully charged to do the right thing, I thought I felt okay with it. Onward and downward, right? "Limbo lower now!"

So I walked through the door last night, a little later than usual. I'd had my afternoon snack later, so it's not like I was ravenously hungry or anything. The husband had made some lovely, bbq beef ribs. Oh, *yum*! I grabbed a couple and fixed a nice salad (using rice wine vinegar since I knew I'd be getting more than enough fat from the meat), and ate my dinner. Maybe gnawing on roasted bones activated some primal autumnal urge...because I grabbed another rib. Then the husband opened a bag of (oh, I know this is going to gross a lot of people out, but here goes...) fried pork skins. (They bought fried pork skins? *sigh*) I ate a couple of them. Then I thought, "Ya know, cashews would be the better choice right now." Yep, still there. I ate a handful. What's this? A can of roasted, salted almonds? Hello, beautiful! I ate one handful. Then another.

Imagine, now, the sound of brakes squealing. "Ego" finally piped up and slapped "Id" upside the head: "What do you think you're DOOOOing?" Whew! I grabbed for the good tools shared by various healthy living bloggers and commenters over the last month: I popped a sugarfree mint in my mouth while tidying up, then reported to the bathroom and brushed and flossed teeth. I did my strength training with more than usual vigor. (Thing 2 kept darting past my wooshing arms and giggling, and sitting on my tummy, so I did a few leg lifts with her on board. Whew!) This morning was clear and starry and not too cold, and I was on track time-wise, so I did a nice 50-minute run on the trail instead of around the neighborhood. It felt great. Equilibrium restored.

I know, it's probably not the most shocking scene of gluttony ever recorded, but it's the out-of-control feeling that distinguishes this from plain ol' eating. I don't like that feeling any more than the next person. I will probably never understand why it happens (suspecting PMS), but it's something to be mindful about the next time around, and hopefully a little sooner.

Fortunately, tonight Mr. Handsome and Handy is making salmon for dinner, so I'll be able to have another "goal meal." And I'll be sure to keep those mints handy.


SeaBreeze said...

Good for you for acknowledging and responding to your actions. I think that doing weights with thing 2 and running last night were a good way to offset the "fall back habits" that you'd used at dinner. I "fell back" into a sugar rut all of last week.

What are your goals for this week? What are your long term plans?

Unknown said...

Oh that dammmm mindless eating, or whatever it is that crawls in our brain and strangles our good sense. No, it's not the worst "gluttony" I've heard of - LOL! Glad you could see what you did, though. I remember quite clearly the days when I'd eat with total abandon, never giving it a thought. Excellent post, my friend. And perfect timing for me to read it - right before dinner ;)

Anonymous said...

and I love how you stated in a way that it FELT LIKE GLUTTONY to you and that's all that counts ...that you deemed it not how you wanted to be eating in that moment.

all about making mistakes (MY WORD) and learning from them and making different ones (MY LIFE :)) the next time...