Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dang I'm sore!

Whew! I missed BodyPump class last week, so I was back for more this week. It kicked my posterior...and hamstrings...and quads...and just about every other muscle I didn't know was in there. (The arms and abs felt it, too, but they just won't admit it yet...they think they're too macho to admit to such, but they will be griping about it tomorrow.) I felt myself staggering out of the gym today, because my leg muscles were just not sure what to do with themselves. I just don't know why, but I seriously love that class.

It was an especially good stress outlet, because we had quite a scare yesterday. My mom had some wires still attached to her heart after the surgery; they leave those in in case they need to attach a pacemaker. One of the staff removed them yesterday, and she had a seriously scary drop in blood pressure. Luckily her doctor was still on the floor. So she's back in the intensive care unit, but she is sounding much better today, although feeling a bit shaky about her close call. They cut the medication that was making her nauseous and gave her a different one to help with the nausea, gave her another blood transfusion, and she was actually able to eat breakfast this morning. (She hadn't eaten in the past couple of days.) We also joked a little that she was just trying to get back and meet the handsome nurse who was taking care of her immediately post-surgery when she was unconscious...I felt grateful that she was still around to share our bizarro sense of humor.

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Juice said...

Ooh - sorry to hear about yoru mom's scare. Glad she is doing better now!