Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Shirt That Was Not Just A Shirt

For Christmas, Mr. Handsome-and-Handy and Things 1 & 2 bought me two shirts from Posh Moon, a French-inspired store in our town of which the children's book character Fancy Nancy would greatly approve. (I had gone in ahead of time, with a bit of trepidation, to see if I would fit them...and I did! So the proprietor kindly created a wish list card for me.) They're pretty, feminine, just sparkly enough, and just form-fitting enough. (Ooo la la!)

I pulled the chocolate-themed one our of the closet this morning, and remarked to Mr. Handsome-and-Handy, "Thanks again for the shirts. You know, they're not just shirts...."

He looked puzzled. "They're not?"

"No...these are the first shirts from a 'normal shop.'" (Not having read The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl, he didn't quite catch the reference. Oooo, I've plugged it yet again...this is getting ridiculous!)

"So you're not Abbie anymore?"

My turn to look puzzled. As far as I knew, I had never been Abbie, one of my best friends since jr. high school. Although there have been times when I would have liked to have been Abbie, certainly.

"You know, Abbie-normal?"

Ah! Of course. Young Frankenstein reference. I always love those!

"Well, they're the first things I've gotten that are actually a normal size, from a nice shop that slender people like my mother buy things from." (That sounds kind of funny, doesn't it? But its appeal is broad...people who have actually been to Paris, like Abbie, have bought things there, too. I think even my teenage niece would love this store.)

"Oooh!" (Behold the lightbulb!)

"Yep, a little non-scale victory of sorts."

I'd tell you what he told me next, but I don't want to turn this perfectly respectable post into a glurge-fest....Suffice it to say it was sweet and (I'm happy to say) typical of him and would induce gagging in the non-sentimental.

So you want to see this shirt-that-is-not-just-a-shirt? The photo really does not do it justice, but you get the idea.


SeaBreeze said...

COngrats! That's fantastic. I love that it is a non-scale milestone and something that you can really appreciate. Your hubby sounds very supportive indeed.

Did you catch your reference to your mothers size and clothing choices? I did. Beware comments she makes that will likely sound more critical than she intends as you seem to value her opinion. I could be way off base here, but I know that's how it is with me.

MizFit said...

love that you posted a pic as I didnt see that coming as I read and imagine the shirt.


and I love that you share my love for all things DG as well ;)


Shauna said...

WOOHOO! Three cheers for Normal Shirts! :)

Juice said...

The shirt looks GREAT. Congrats on the NSV. :)

Fitness Surfer said...

Oh, very, very nice. Now you’ve got me re-reading what store you bought that from. You look great by the way. Maybe it’s the extra confidence of a new (non blogger) shirt, and all the nice things Mr. Handsome-and-Handy said to go with it.

I’ve been trying to find something like that. The ones I find are close but always have some strange word on them with the art designs. That’s prefect, and oh-so-flattering.

Anonymous said...

Yippee! Yes, that is quite an accomplishment!

I hated those plus size stores - mostly nautical themes - nothing that was fashionable at all!


debby said...

Ooh La La! Isn't that something? And do you notice how much younger you look than in your heading picture? Its amazing how taking some pounds off the face really does make you look younger.

And, boy, do I get going in 'normal' stores. Most of the time it does not come naturally to me at all.