Monday, January 5, 2009

How I Spent My New Year's Eve (And Several Days After)

(NOTE - I left a similar version of this as a comment on MizFit Online, which is the very appropriate kickoff point for a virtual book tour, via blogs, celebrating the US publication of The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl.)

I started following the Dietgirl blog a few months ago, and I've read through a number of the archives. "Dang!" I thought to myself. "This girl is *funny*!" I preordered the US book awhile back, felt anxious when it did NOT arrive on 12/30 as predicted, happily received it on New Year's Eve, and spent the evening (and a few days after...only because of family/job demands, otherwise it would have been devoured in one sitting) reading this book. Totally missed tuning in for the 9 p.m. (PST) dropping of the ball in Times Square, which usually marks the high point of our personal festivities. We're such the party animals at Casa de la Pubsgal.

I wanted to write a compelling review for my own blog...but I wouldn't be able to do it justice. I'd just gush and those people who hadn't already heard from more credible witnesses (such as The Miz) would probably think, "Yeah, right, she probably says that about every book she actually has time to read these days, she's so desperate for a read at all." Imagine my delight that The Miz also gushed and said pretty much everything I was going to say (laughter/tears/preference to Cats). But darned if I wasn't going to post about it anyhow. :-) So here goes:

No, I'm not just gushing. I really am particular, and this book is BRILLIANT! Like MizFit, I was smitten.

Remarkably insightful observations of things I loved about the book:
- Numerous laugh-out-loud funny parts
- Parts that made me feel sympathetic, that I could relate to, and that made me ponder my own quest
- The themes: Fitness is not *only* about the scale or a pant size. Don't wait until you're at the "ideal" weight to do the things you really want to do. Don't let fear stop you. It's stuff I've learned from my blogging sisters and brothers during the quest...but this is stuff that so many others offline need to hear and grok. (Like Oprah, for example. Girlfriend, pull your head out of Hollywood and plunk it into this book!)

The only drawbacks?
- Being irritated at what or whom ever pulled me away during reading
- Potential financial ruin from buying copies for family (especially the nieces) and friends (Kidding, Mr. Handsome-and-Handy-and-Frugal!)
- Having to *wait* until Shauna Reid (hope! hope! hope!) publishes another book! (Don't wait as long as that OTHER Edinburgh author, please!)


SeaBreeze said...

What a nice review. I have put a request in with my library to buy a copy and they are normally pretty good about those things. Sounds like a relatively relaxed week or so.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'll have to check this out!

Thanks for the review and Happy Monday!

Fitness Surfer said...

This book sounds like it’s right up my ally. That’s all the stuff I’ve been figuring out. It wasn’t until I decided that I was going to stop wishing and started to live that everything turned around. I could have just gone surfing right then and there but making it a goal has been perfect for me.

I’ve still been saying “yes” to things I would normally say no to just for the experience factor….like singing at a Christmas party…Yikes. I’m still glad I did it. Talk about a confidence builder.

Anonymous said...

Can hardly wait to get my own copy. I'm just waiting to see if I won Miz's copy before ordering from Amazon today!

Juice said...

Ok, now I have to read this. Will see if my library has it...