Sunday, October 18, 2009

Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Run 5K

I ran the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Run 5K this morning. It didn't have quite the excitement of last year's event--which was on par with my sprint tri this year--but it was a nice boost in my exercise malaise all the same. I saw Thing 2's Kindergarten teacher and some former neighbors (the kids did the 5K adults' race and their dad ran the 10K!). Loved watching the kids' race, their little faces totally lit up as the ran to the finish, crowds cheering, and getting that bag of goodies as they passed under the arch. (My crew was home sleeping in...did they sleep late yesterday? Noooo...*sigh*)

I beat last year's time (would have been rather embarrassed to not have!) but it wasn't my best 5K time in 2009. Officially time was 33:55, including a little detour to the bathroom at mile 1. :-) It felt good to run outside and with a bunch of other people.

P. S. - How'd I do compared to last year? Much better!
2008 - time was 39:29; I was 203rd out of 275 overall and 34th/46 in the women 40-49.
2009 - time was 33:55; I was 164th out of 328 overall and 20th/39 (correction; my cell phone photo of the list was fuzzy!) in the women 40-49. So solidly mid-pack this time around (squeeee!).

As with last year, the women's 40-49 age group was the largest. Interestingly, I was passed by the lead runner in the 10K while in the last half-mile or so; he ran a blistering 33:18 (5:22/mile!). WHEW! I was also handily beat by 6 participants in the 60-69 age groups and a 77-year-old guy! Gives me hope for being able to keep this going for many years to come, and hopefully getting better at it! I really want to break the 30 minute mark one of these days.


Lori said...

33 *with* a potty stop? Wow!

There definitely is something about running with others that makes it so much more about the camaraderie than running solo.

Christie O. said...

Yay!! Seriously, that's awesome! Great time!!!!!! (With a bathroom break to boot!) I can't wait till the kiddos can run the kids run, right now they pretend by running around the kitchen island.

Foodie McBody said...

Go girl! That is an AWESOME time!!!!! You're a roadrunner! beep beep!

Courtney said...

That is a GREAT time with a stop!! Good job on getting out there and getting it done...keep up the good work!!

Adventures in Tri-ing

Anonymous said...

Awesome results! And look how far you've come from a year ago - to this that this was your "big race" last year and now you are an experienced tri-girl! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

You should be so proud to shave off so much time in a year!! Great job! :D

I just hate when 9 year old kids whiz right by me, not even out of breath!

debby said...

You go Girl!!! That is so impressive to hear the improvement in your stats from a year ago! You are also one of my running inspirations!

Brooke said...

that's awesome - beating last years time. although it is funny how the rush of the race gets less and less with each one. what will we do once we've ran them all?