Thursday, October 15, 2009

Virtual NICU Baby Shower at Baby Tea Leaves!

Just wanted to put out the word that my pal Christie O. at Baby Tea Leaves is sponsoring a Virtual NICU Baby Shower. Her preemie mom's group is pairing up with their local HUG program and the March of Dimes to throw the families at the NICUs in her area a baby shower, because so many families of premature babies don't get to have one.

I asked Christie what she would recommend if people were interested in helping with this in their local communities:
[T]hank you for asking!! I would contact the local March of Dimes to see if they work closely with the NICU's and if not, they are usually able to put you in touch with a contact at one or some of the hospitals. You can also call the local hospitals and ask for the NICU social worker, who can tell you how you go about starting a project to help NICU families. We've had to do all of the above, depending on the hospital and now we're helping SIX! Maybe 7! [A]nd also many areas have either non-profits or mom's groups dedicated to this (our are had neither until now!), so a Google search for that would help! I know there are non-profits (I just did a quick search and found one called in San Diego!)
To find out more, or if you're interested in helping, please visit her Baby Tea Leaves blog.


Christie O. said...

Thank you for posting this!!! You're such an angel!!

Lori said...

That's a lovely idea!

Just a note, I passed on an award to you