Monday, October 5, 2009

"Where is the Looooove?"

(Or, "The One in which Pubsgal Moans About 'Post-tri Letdown'.")

Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend! We had *nothing* planned for a change, and it was nice. Thing 2 & I went on an outing on Saturday to the library and the park; I loved our playtime together. On Sunday, our family tried to go to our favorite pumpkin farm, Little Creek, but when we drove by, no pumpkin patch! I was really bummed. I suppose The Things are starting to outgrow the simpler ones, though, when there are so many exciting rides and things at some of the other ones in our area. Thing 1 solemnly said that line that so often comes out of our own mouths: "You get what you get, and you don't get upset." (I need to discuss "context" with the lad, obviously...or maybe use that line a little less often.) So yes, I silently mourned for awhile. We ended up going back in a northerly direction and stopping at a park the kids hadn’t been to in awhile, and that cheered us all up greatly.

I noticed that the acronym of the post title, "WITL," is one transposition away from spelling "WILT." How appropriate. The post is so-titled, even after a lovely weekend, because I think the post-race letdown finally caught up with me. I read about it, of course, and was expecting it last week. However, it seems to have delayed itself until this week. I took it really easy last week, and I had missed my planned workout on Friday, so it was weird: I simultaneously felt like I MUST be doing *something*, but I also didn't feel like doing *anything*. (Except eating and the first done but not the second, and I really wish it had been the other way around, except that napping makes the weekend seem shorter.)

I was throwing on my running clothes on Sunday morning, about to run to the donut shop to get the kids' breakfast. Thing 2 decided that she wanted to come with me. I turned to Mr. Handsome-and-Handy, verging on an exercise-denial tantrum: "I'm going to take her with me now, but I HAVE to get a half hour to run sometime today!" But when run time arrived, I felt absolutely no joy in my run. Even though the weather was gorgeous, running didn’t energize me like it often does when I've rested for a couple of days. And today? Meh. I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill, but I am so not feeling the love. I guess scaling back one week wasn't really enough. I thought it would be after only doing a sprint triathlon.

I did find an article to re-read that offered some advice: "Don't Be Singin' the Post-Race Blues." I'm not feeling sad, per se, but just very lack-luster on the exercise front. The article gave me some ideas, though: I think I'll be taking it a bit easier this week. Oh, I'm still on for the Pumpkin Run on the 18th, and I have another 5K planned for November 8th ("World Run Day!"), but I'm not going to go crazy with the training. I'm really glad now that I didn't sign up for the 10K options in a fit of post-tri euphoria. I was kind of hoping that I'd set a new PR at the Pumpkin Run this year, but after my last two runs, I'm not so sure. I think I might try the belly dancing class tomorrow at the gym, do my usual BodyPump (not dreading that!) on Wednesday, and then perhaps a walking day on Thursday, followed by a gym day (run + light strength) on Friday.


Brooke said...

i hadn't heard of the post-race blues but i can certainly get why someone would have them.

Larkspur said...

I really appreciate your blog. I am a prediabetic trying to rescue my remaining beta cells :) All the information here has been really helpful.

Anonymous said...

Hugs! Sorry the exercise bug has not kept you motivated, but at least you have two more races to look forward to!

And my mouth started to water when I read the word "donut!" :D