Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Weekly Update 10/21/09

Shrink for Good Challenge - The Finale

Today, on Pubsgal's "Wide World of Cans":

"The thrill of victory..."

"...and the agony of defeat" (background image from Wikipedia Commons)

I lost a net of 2.2 pounds during the challenge. I'd hoped for more, but on the other hand, I'm relieved that I experienced a net loss. Overall, there was a 14.8 pound fluctuation over the course of the challenge! So I think that would be a fitting donation. I gained a total of 6.4 pounds, and lost a total of 8.4 pounds. Wow. So I guess that if I hadn't tried at all, I would be back at 195.2; but on the other hand, if I'd tried harder, I could have been at 180.2.

In Other News...

Got my recent lab results. Holding steady with a 5.3% a1c! Woo hoo! And my cholesterol panel was terrific...triglycerides and cholesterol have never been lower, and I finally got my LDLs below 100, but my HDLs are way too low. The doctor has recommended 4 grams of omega 3 (fish oil) and aerobic exercise. (I couldn't help but snicker a little...she doesn't know I'd been training for a triathlon.) My previous doctor had mentioned the possibility of niacin, but I'm hoping we don't have to go there. So it looks like upping the fiber and the triathlon training helped with the rest of the panel. We'll see in a few months what happens with those HDLs.

Progress last week

7-day blood glucose average: 98 (met goal of less than 120)
7-day fasting blood glucose average: 99 (met goal of less than 120)

Food goals:
- Got in 4 meatless meals and 1 fish meal. (Met meatless, missed fish by 1)
- Fiber: at least 5/7 days were over 30.

Exercise goals: Not bad....The Friday and Monday rest days weren't exactly planned, but I think they helped. I felt good for the race and wonderful during and after spin class (mostly!). My legs are still a little sore.
- Wednesday: 60 minutes BodyPump
- Thursday: 60 minutes walk.
- Friday: Rest
- Saturday: Rest
- Sunday: 5K race, about 8 miles of biking to and from town twice, 4 hour shift in the booth at the festival.
- Monday: Rest
- Tuesday: 60 minutes spin class (When I looked back over my logs, I noticed that I'd gone 5 weeks without spin class! Note to self: Do not go more than 2 weeks without spin class if you want to avoid having to, er, get used to mashed girly bits again.)

Goals for this week

7-day blood glucose average goal and fasting numbers: below 120.
Weight goal: Maintain or make progress toward goal.

Food goals:
- Keep tracking.
- 4 or more meatless, low-fat meals and 2 or more fish meals.
- Track fiber. Minimum 30 grams fiber/day. (Include both insoluble and soluble sources.)

Exercise goals:
Minimum of 30 minutes of activity 5 days/week. Prepare for the Theta Breakers 5K run on 11/8.

Misc. goals:
- 7 or more hours sleep/night.


Christie O. said...

I don't know what's funnier, your Ironcans or your mashed girly bits!!!

HAHAHAH! You crack ME UP!

Wow that was a lot of work on Sunday, first of all. And woohoo for your loss, whatever it was, the scale went in the right direction so whatever!! Most of all, I love this post. :)

Mommy Mo said...

I love your commentary on your "cans", HILARIOUS! OK, so maybe you fluctuated a bit during the challenge but the most important thing is that you are down and even more, you are taking care of your diabetes.

Courtney said...

Hey lady, sounds like you are heading in the right direction!!

What are you goals for your November 5k?

Sounds like you are on the right track!!! Keep up the great work!

Adventures in Tri-ing

Brooke said...

i'm gonna miss those iron cans!!! :) congrats on all your progress :D

Pubsgal said...

Thanks, everybody!

Courtney, I'd love to get 30:00 or less on my next 5K. Don't know if that's possible with it being a couple of weeks away, but I did get a 31:36 back in May, so I'm close.

MizFit said...

I hate to ask BUT...Im doing a post for World Diabetes Day.
would you wanna add anything?
guest post?

email me!


debby said...

Hey Pubsgal! Just read Miz's comment--hope you took her up on it because you are the most eloquent speaker for diabetes that I know of!

I was wondering if you have tried green smoothies in regards to upping your fiber intake. Just wondering if getting a lot of fiber first thing in the morning would be helpful? Or would that be too much fruit for you?

debby said...

P.S. Forgot to say that I LOVE your 'can art.' You have an excellent sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

I'll miss the cans. Glad you came out ahead with this challenge. Better than the alternative!!

Lori said...

Those cans kill me LOL!