Friday, March 20, 2009

The Good News and the Bad News

Well, bad news first: I tweaked my back in BodyPump class on Wednesday. *sigh*...I had decided to up my weights a bit, and I felt fine during class, but about an hour or so later, my lower back starting pinging. Darn, darn, darn! I took it easy yesterday, and walked around a nearby park, and checked out the pool where I'm going to start swimming once a week. I had a date with Jillian and her girls this morning, and I had to cancel. (i.e., "30 Day Shred" DVD, and I was going to run, too.) I've been walking, but otherwise *nothing*.

I should be taking this like a grown-up.

I really should.

*sniff*...I'm going to be okay, really!

[lip quivers]

WHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! NO FAIR!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO RUN!!!! I WANT TO LIFT!!!!!! I want to train for my Tri!!!! AAAAAAUUUGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

I guess my question is, what can you do to keep the rest of yourself in shape when one part of you is giving you trouble? If it were legs, I could focus on upper body, or if it were upper body I could do lower stuff, but when it's your back? *sigh*....

*sigh*...Okay, now for the good news! And there's plenty to offset my tantrum.

  • It's sunny outside!
  • It's the first day of Spring, and the trees in the neighborhood where my office is located are in full bloom, and little white petals are drifting through the air everywhere!
  • Got a date night with Mr. Handsome and Handy tomorrow night! Kids are going to their dance teacher's for a babysitting fundraiser by the older students, so we can stay home if we want to and watch a grown-up movie! Or we can go out! (We usually have to go out when there's a babysitter, so it might be kind of luxurious to stay IN!) 4 glorious hours!!!
  • I talked to my mom today. You know, the one who had heart surgery 2 months ago? Who was feeling tired all last month? Well, she's been walking and today she walked 3.5 miles!!! Woo hoooooo!!!! She wants to do a 5K walk event with me!!!!!
  • I get to meet Juice on Sunday!

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Christie O. said...

Oh the ups and the downs!! Just take it easy, seriously. No use injuring yourself so you that you're no good to nobody! You'll be back and at em full force in no time! Happy first day of spring!! I hope you have the best time ever on your date!! (we had a date last night, we played racquetball then drank beer. it was fun).

So glad to see your mom up and about!!