Monday, March 16, 2009

"Mantra Monday"

Christie O. over on Baby Tea Leaves has just started her new weekly installation: "Mantra Monday." And anyone can play, so I'm game!

I'm going to be a copy-cat, though, since I've had triathlons on the brain lately. My mantra this week is the same as Christie O.'s from last week: "Just 'tri' it!" I had my little to-do list of what to do to feel like I could do a triathlon this year. I found a triathlon that looks promising ("See Jane Tri" on September 26, 2009) and discussed with Mr. Handsome-and-Handy. He was worried about the open-water swim part, but I assured him that this one had lifeguards and "water buddies" in boats and on boards to provide resting places along the swim. the family buy-in. Yeay!!!

So...I'm "tri"-ing to "tri" it, but I keep getting errors when I click the Register Now button. Oh well, I've got a query in, so we'll see how it goes....


Christie O. said...

Yayyyyy! Yay yay yay!!!!!! A tri buddy!!!!! Yayyyyy!!

Just Tri It!!!! I love it! I'm so happy you're doing this -- this is going to be THE thing to put us over the edge I JUST KNOW IT!!! I'M PUMPED, LADY!!!

If I had really long arms, I'd high five you from this coast! Anyway, I'm happy you're doing it. And I'm excited to hear about your journey!

Oh, and for the record, the open swim secretly scares me to death.

Pubsgal said...

Wooo hoooo!!! [insert sound of virtual, remote high-fiving] I'm glad
I have a fellow blog buddy for trying a triathlon!

I'm excited about it, too...and scared...but mostly EXCITED!!!! Woo
hoooooo!!! (Or, I will be when I can get that registration done. I
sent an email to the organizers, asking if there was an alternative
way to register from the buggy experience I'm having on

Yes, the open water swim has me a bit apprehensive. That's why I
chose a tri with the open water swim in a lake and not the ocean. We
don't really have a lot of great places to practice open water swims
out here, either...most lakes are boating only, and the ocean is way
too rough. I've always loved swimming, but a leisurely snorkel or
swim with the kids is way different from the madness of a race...from
what I've read, anyway. Oh well, we'll figure it out, right? I just
found a DVD at our local library called "Open Water Swimming: Skills,
Techniques, & Racing Tips." I will let you know how it is.