Monday, March 23, 2009

Quick Monday Update

Quick update from the weekend:
  • I met Juice (of "Positively Losing") on Sunday, who was visiting the bay area. She's even more delightful (and positive!) in person than she is on her blog, so you can imagine how nice it was to meet her! We enjoyed a nice stroll through Golden Gate Park, and the weather was cool but clear (and they'd been predicting rain, how fortunate was that?). Highlights stumbled across: the drum bridge in the Japanese Tea Garden, the impromptu roller skate party (complete with DJ in fuzzy hat and skate covers, not to mention a Napoleon Dynamite look-alike dude!), and a groovy drum circle. And I've got a few more books for my "to read" list.
  • I tried Jessica's (of "Pudget") broccoli cheese soup recipe. YUM! The beans made a nice, nutritious thickener. My mistake was using the thick broccoli stems without peeling the outer layer, but that was relatively minor.
  • I finished reading the book, Transformed by Triathlon: The Making of an Improbable Athlete, by Jane Booth. Good read for the aspiring triathlete! I enjoyed reading Ms. Booth's story, and I was tickled at recognizing the setting, being an SF Bay Area resident. It was, for me, equal parts inspiring and intimidating. The author had the resources (read "time" and "money") to dedicate to competing in the sport: gear, personal training, and the like. Can it be done on a shoestring and in the scraps of time I have available? We'll see! But like the author, I'm not sure what's driving me toward trying a "tri". I think that, in my case, it's more interesting to me than increasing my distance as a runner. Not to mention that being a triathlete is probably the penultimate opposite life!

  • My back is still a little sore...more tight than sore, but I still feel somewhat sidelined. I've been walking, and I rode my bike a little yesterday, but I'm a bit anxious about whether it will be okay for BodyPump class on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

hows the back feeling this morning?

and how fun having the Juice meetup!
I love meeting bloggers in person and so far everyone Ive met has been just as they are online---in a great way.


Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

I am so glad you liked the soup recipe and thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. It's a great day to thaw that soup. Why didn't I think of that :). Thanks again!