Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Adventures with Mary Lou, Day 24

I realize that I've been a bit unfair to Mary Lou: putting her in the garage, varying my attire nearly every weigh-in, writing posts about our adventure that have been kinda snarky. I think I'm venting my plateau frustration on her Platform; is it really her fault that I eat too many nuts, am coasting on my cardio, and baked chocolate chip cookies to send to my dad on Sunday? (Granted, in The Life Before, Dad would have been shipped probably 3 or 4 cookies from the entire batch, and one of those might have even had a bite out of it. This time, I ate 3 cookies on baking day...which is still 2 too many, but I *did* monitor my blood glucose and was okay that way. Won't be for very long, though, if I keep that up.) I weighed in on the digital scale, and I was -.6 lb. Sweet! But when I stepped on The Platform, Mary Lou said, "Crikey! What the...? Ow! Ow! Ow!" No, just kidding, she's always so polite. "You are two pounds above your starting weight." Huh??? Yesterday I was half a pound below the starting weight. Let us analyze:

Yesterday: I wore my black sweats, long-sleeved "Zen Mickey" t-shirt, sports bra, undies, carried my running jacket and running shoes. No socks. No breakfast or pills yet.

Today: I wore the same black sweats, a long-sleeved Land's End t-shirt (lighter weight), regular bra (no underwire, so equivalent weight), similar undies, socks, same running shoes, and held my same running jacket. Had 12-oz protein shake and 8 oz. glass of water (and pills) in my stomach.

Difference: Socks, 12-oz protein shake, 8-oz. glass of water, pills.

Here's the funny part: Today's advice? Drink 8 glasses of water per day. "Imagine it flushing out all the bad stuff, and making room for the good."

Darn socks!


Christie O. said...

oh boy! that mary lou is picky! i like the digital one better! hahah!
but great job on the inches, that's awesome!! i should do inches one of these days.

Pubsgal said...

Me too! :-) And thanks! Body measurements are great, because they give me another form of tracking when the scale gets fickle. I've been up and down about 2 pounds all month. So it was nice to see something that showed progress.