Friday, February 13, 2009

Continued Adventures with Mary Lou...

Day 7
(applause & cheering)
"You are one and a half pounds below your starting weight.
Don't forget to get plenty of sleep!
It's extra important when you are trying to lose weight.
Create an enjoyable bedtime routine, and make *that* your
no calorie, end-of-the-day treat!"
"Enjoyable bedtime routine?" Hee hee! [Pubsgal pauses to gently pick up mind and remove from the gutter.] Truth is, our routine is appropriate for children of all ages...anything that has to do with my head hitting pillow and staying there for 7+ hours is pretty darn enjoyable these days. After ushering the kids through *their* bed time routine of chasing them down, rounding them up into the bathroom and ensuring that their teeth get brushed, kiss deliveries, and bedtime stories, our own routine goes something like this: [thuds of heads on pillows] "Yeayyy! We made it through another da...zzzzz..."

That afternoon, Mr. Handsome-and-Handy called, sounding a little frazzled. "They sent you ANOTHER scale!!!" (He found Mary Lou's level of perkiness disturbing, so having another one show up was kind of disturbing.) Obviously, some shipping error has occured and I need to send an email, but ONE Mary Lou wasn't enough? Or perhaps the first one must be enjoying her stay in the garage so much, she somehow snuck word back to the factory and other Mary Lous are clamoring to share space with Elsie the Cat.

Day 8
Really, I should probably have a little time separate from Mary Lou when it's "that time of the month" and I'm fighting off a cold. I felt downright cranky about today's advice:
(ominous silence)
"You are half a pound below your starting weight.
Stay focused on your weigh loss goal." (Gee, think I ought?)
"Changing your lifestyle can be tough," (Yeah, you got that right, pal.)
"but the long-term effects are WORTH IT!" (Oy. Semantics, I know, but I'm working for *results*, not "effects.")
Is it any wonder I chose to do all 5 segments of the "10 Minute Solutions: Kickboxing Bootcamp" DVD this morning? Keli is upbeat, too, but in a tough way. Thing 1 joined me for a few minutes before his breakfast...he liked the weights and doing the kicks. So by the time we got to the kicks and punches, I was feeling much better, and no, I did *not* imagine doing "jab, cross, hook, upper" on Mary Lou...she and her Platform minion are just doing their recorded-and-programmed best to help.


Anonymous said...

Too funny about the scale!

And my surprise video I'll post tomorrow is my daughter getting her own car today. She turns 17 in a few weeks and we got a good deal on a used car.

She had no idea! She cried, that made me cry!

Needless to say we have not seen her for several hours - I believe she's showing it to just about everyone she knows!

Happy V-Day!

Juice said...

Happy Valentine's Day Pubsgal! Your Mary Lou chronicles are cracking me up. Here's to more applause and cheering soon. :)

PS I sent you a follow up email - perhaps it landed in your spam again??

SeaBreeze said...

What'd they say when you called them about the additional scale?