Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 5: Adventures with Mary Lou

Firing on all cylinders this morning: caught Elsie the cat and gave her the eye drops on my way into the garage. She purred the whole time, and she even went back over to her heated bed for a little more attention; so why does she try to run away??? Oh yeah. Cat.

It was chilly this morning (mid-40s, don't laugh too hard, all of you in truly cold places), so I had on the sweat pants instead of the regular pants, and I wore running tights. Still, I stepped onto The Platform without much trepidation. As expected, no "happy dance" song, but poor Mary Lou: she had to break it to me that I was 2 pounds over starting weight. I'm starting to feel a little sorry for her--all of these variations based on my clothes--but there's no way I'm going to do a birthday suit weigh-in in the garage. Brrrr! When there's really some good news to report, it will happen regardless of slight attire variations.

So today's message? I really ought to bring a tape recorder, but here's the recap: she graciously assumed that I am eating right and exercising, and she assured me that I will see weight loss results by sticking with it. Bolstered by her wisdom, a canned protein shake, and the knowledge that I will be racing one week from today, I went for my morning run.


Anonymous said...

yesterday I filmed a monday FEET TIME as I have a scale,errr, platform to give away.

you really love yours??

debby said...

Wow, its almost like having a personal trainer in a box in your garage!