Sunday, February 8, 2009

Is that all???

Ran across this interesting article about how little exercise one needs to help manage type 2 diabetes, and I'm kind of glad I hadn't seen this before I developed a healthier liking for exercise than I'd had previously:

Did I read this correctly, though? The numbers didn't seem to add up in this article. The headline says, "7 minutes per week," the first paragraph says, "rigorous workouts as little as 3 minutes," yet paragraph 8 states that "[t]he volunteers, who were relatively out of shape but otherwise healthy, rode an exercise bike four times daily in 30 second spurts two days a week." Which by my calculation is 4 minutes per week.

I don't think that this would do much for weight loss or heart function, but it's encouraging to know that every little bit helps. It would also be interesting to know the effect of strength training vs. cardio toward clearing blood glucose from one's system, because sometimes people who suffer complications from diabetes have mobility issues.

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debby said...

That's interesting, but I'm with you. It doesn't hardly make sense. And anyways, it might help with diabetes, but it won't help with heart disease or obesity, which diabetics are prone to, right?

I for sure don't want my dad to hear about that! At 81, he's actually ramping up his exercise program!