Friday, February 6, 2009

Adventures with Mary Lou, Day 4

Well, I tried valiantly to get to a 6:30 Hatha Yoga class at the gym this morning. As I dashed out the front door and opened the garage side door, the cat (who lives in the garage and who also needed eye drops applied and who is usually still asleep) dashed out. So I was already a little cranky.

"You are three pounds above your starting weight." I accepted this with equanimity, as I had on a sweatshirt more than usual. "It's okay,"she continued, probably assuming that I was on the verge of committing some desperate act. I expected her to instruct me to keep breathing and lie down for a bit; but no, she said something along the lines of "Just try to add 10 more minutes of activity to your day. Little things can have big results!"

I proceeded to the gym, but I was 10 minutes late for the class. Darn! So I decided to try the elliptical. It felt a little weird at first--kind of like pedaling a bike--but more arm motion from holding onto the handles. I don't know that I would do it every day, but it is a nice tool for mixing things up a bit. From what I've read, the plus is that it's low impact...which is also its minus, if increasing bone density is a goal, which it is for me. Either way, it felt like a good workout. I also got some strength training done, which felt good.

Did I add 10 more minutes of activity to my day? I don't think it was more than I normally would have done fitness-wise today, but I did skip that second cup of coffee with creamer.

More Adventures with Mary Lou on Monday....


Fitness Surfer said...

Going to the gym is always an "adventure" for me. Somehow just getting there tends to be my biggest struggle.

With my knees i love the elliptical, but just try to use it as variety and a stepping stone to running. I don't hold on unless i need to check my heart rate. It feels a little more natural to me, and i have to use more stability muscles to stay on =)

SeaBreeze said...

I'll comment on your post in a bit, but I got laid off on Friday so if you want to email me please use my address which is: gummibare21@

Juice said...

SeaBreeze, sorry to hear your sad news!

Pubsgal - did the cat come back?

Pubsgal said...

SeaBreeze: Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that. Will write more via the new email address.

Fitness Surfer: Oh, I hear ya there. Which is why I picked a gym that is *right next door* to my office...I figured that saved me about 1/2 the battle of getting there.

Juice: She came back around later in the morning, and Mr. H&H administered the morning drops. I got her in the evening. ;-) Having an indoor/outdoor cat can be a little tricky at times like these.

debby said...

Pubsgal, I am thoroughly enjoying reading your 'adventures with Mary Lou.' Very entertaining!